If you’ve studied any copywriting materials, you’ve heard the difference between features and benefits.

A feature is a fact about what your product is or does.

A benefit is what’s in it for them.

A feature would be the all-natural ingredients included in your face cream.

Benefits are what each of those ingredients does for the user. Your face moisturizer melts away stubborn wrinkles and crow’s feet in as little as 7 days.

A smart marketer shares both the features and the benefits of their product or service.

But you need to go beyond this.

Get your mind off the product you’re selling.

Focus instead on the ideal customer.

What desperate problem are they trying to solve? Or what deep desire are they trying to fulfill?

Yes, they want to remove the wrinkles and have clear beautiful skin.

But let’s go deeper.

How do they want to feel about themselves?

They want to feel younger. They want to feel attractive. They want to be sexy.

They want to look at themselves in mirror and like who they see.

You’re selling confidence.

As we dig to the core, it’s about their Identity.

Who are they and what is their place in the world?

This applies no matter what your product or service is.

How does it make them feel about themselves?

In online marketing, it’s about freedom and control of your life. You’re the captain of the ship. You’re no longer at the mercy of your corporate overlords getting rich off your work. You’re a trailblazer making a path in the wilderness, providing value for others, and living a internet lifestyle you love.

In fitness, it’s about how they feel in their own skin. They feel strong and sexy. You give them a vision of themselves as someone different, better, more complete.

And here’s the reality.

Unless they take that new identity to heart, it’s going to be tough for them to achieve results anyway.

Are you giving your visitors, subscribers, and customers that new vision of themselves?

Are you taking them past the surface features and benefits, and letting them see how they can feel about themselves?

You do this with the stories you tell.

Talk about the ‘shift’ you experienced in your own life.

Share testimonials and case studies from your clients that show how their circumstances changed along with the changes that took place inside of them. New found confidence, freedom, and control.

I wonder how many entrepreneurs have become successful just to rub someone’s nose in it (that person who told them they’d never make it or amount to anything)?

Autoresponder Alchemy gives you 80 email templates to help you create profitable emails, but there is something much more valuable inside the course.

You’ll discover how to find your voice, connect it with your customers’ language, and lead them on the path from where they are now to where they want to be.

It’s about more than just features and benefits. It’s about Identity…your own and the customers.

Discover a step-by-step system to transform your results by sharing a clear message that impacts the heart of your audience…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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