The audience you serve is more important to your success than your offer or your copy.

A client showed me the stats behind their Facebook ad campaigns a few days ago.

He was amazed what a slight difference in the audience made. We’re talking a tiny little difference where one of the audiences was just a little more passionate than the other one about the topic.

Clickthrough rates were higher.

Opt-in rates were higher.

Sales rates were dramatically higher (and that’s the stat we care about).

Refund requests virtually disappeared.

That’s right. Refund requests are not just a sign of the quality of the product. If the product is good, then refunds may be a result of the audience being targeted.

A losing campaign was made profitable with only a slight change in the audience.

And that doesn’t just apply to Facebook ads. It applies to everything you do online.

So how do you choose a market of red-hot buyers?

You research where people are buying such as Amazon, Clickbank, and eBay. You can also check websites who consistently appear on the top of Google and Bing ad networks. Don’t pay attention to the organic listings. You want small businesses who have been consistently advertising for 6 months or more on ‘expensive’ keywords. And you can use tools like What Runs Where to see where competitors are advertising.

If people aren’t buying what you’re selling…it’s usually because you’re not selling what they’re buying.

But I want to give you a very simple tip here…

Solve desperate problems for people who have money.

What solutions have you developed to solve problems or reach goals in your own life?

For example, I’ve worked with clients in hundreds of markets over the years. The majority sold solutions to problems they personally solved themselves. They understood the audience and were passionate about the solution.

The chiropractor who couldn’t attract patients for years in his practice discovered and sold the system he developed for attracting new patients.

The guy who was living in a foreign country and struggled to learn the language stumbled upon a system to speak the language quickly.

The consultant who experienced a feast and famine in his own business…to the point where he was sneaking into meetings while riding the bus…developed a system for consistently attracting high-paying clients.

The tennis coach developed a system for adding more power, accuracy, and consistency to his clients’ game in just a few hours.

In all these cases, and in dozens of more examples I could share, these clients didn’t just look for a market with money.

They already had a connection to the market. They overcome a problem personally, they were passionate about the topic, or they were helping others in the audience.

Find an intersection where your talents, skills, and experience cross-over with a hungry buying market.

You have a story to tell. You have a message to share. You have value to give.

It might not always be obvious at first, but there is a red-hot buyers’ market waiting for you to help them!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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