A subscriber forgets they signed up for your email list.

Instead of scrolling down and hitting the unsubscribe button, they hit the spam button.

Get enough of these spam complaints and you’ll find it even more difficult to get your emails delivered to your customers’ inboxes.

Get too many spam complaints and your email list service could even cancel your account.

Not good.

So what’s the solution?

How do you reduce spam complaints and build a more responsive list at the same time?

The first secret is creating infotaining emails that deliver value mixed with your unique personality.

Subscribers should recognize you.

Even if they don’t look at the from address and see your name, they still recognize you by the style of your writing.

You’re a friend they know and relate to.

But here’s another little counterintuitive secret for reducing spam complaints.

Send more emails.

Send one email a month, and you’ll get a lot of spam complaints.

People forget about you.

Who in the world are you…and why are you emailing me?

Send one email a week and the complaints may go down, but they keep coming in.

Send out several emails a week, and you’re now a regular part of their inbox.

Mix those emails with stories, personality, and your own ‘secret sauce’ and they’ll start looking forward to receiving them.

Move the frequency up to daily…and the complaint problem almost completely disappears.

And you don’t even have to stop there. I have clients who regularly send out multiple emails a day.

Sure, your unsubscribes go up.

But that’s OK.

Unsubscribes aren’t a problem. They’re just someone letting you know they’re not a part of your tribe.

Quit worrying about unsubscribes.

The purpose of sending emails is to make sales.

Attract a hungry, buying audience.

If someone isn’t a buyer, and they opt out of your list, they did you a favor.

Quit worrying about those who don’t fit your audience.

Focus on your people…the ones passionate about what you do.

Identify with them. Let your passion show through.

Let everyone else filter themselves out.

And if you’d like a step-by-step system to put together emails that sell more of your products and services with email, check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

I give you my own personal ‘templates’ you can model, but here’s the beauty of this system.

This isn’t about writing emails like me.

It’s about discovering yourself.

Use my ‘training wheels’ to get moving…start seeing sales come in…and then you follow the system I hand you to let your own personal gold shine through.


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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