Any copywriter will tell you that you can invest hours on the headline alone.

If your headline doesn’t stop a busy prospect in their tracks and make them so curious they have to read more right this minute…then it doesn’t matter what gold you have hidden in the rest of your website.

No one will ever see it.

The traditional method of coming up with headlines is to go through your swipe file and look at hundreds of other winning headlines.

Write at least 10 or 20 headlines modeling those that have already worked.

Start mixing and matching those headlines to create even better ones.

Brainstorm other ideas and angles.

And yes, I use those methods. In fact, clients and I have often written several dozen headlines together before we pick the final few to test against each other.

But what if there was a faster and easier method?

Here’s one of my favorite shortcuts.

I use this technique when I’m trying to come up with a great headline quickly. This is especially good when we only have a few minutes to come up with a new headline to test.

Here’s the secret that can save you hours of time…and create big winners.

Swipe a headline from your own testimonials.

What problems did your customers face?

What benefits did they receive?

What ‘customer language’ do they use that your target audience would immediately identify with?

And the beauty of using testimonials to come up with headline ideas is you can then use the testimonial itself immediately after the headline to prove the promise.

When writing headlines, we often get lost in our own heads.

We know everything our product or service can do, but we forget what motivates our customers.

Scanning your testimonials solves this problem.

It tells you what is important to them.

But you may say, “I don’t have any testimonials yet.”

That’s a problem which you need to resolve. And we’ll talk about that solution at another time.

You can also generate headline ideas by looking at competitors’ testimonials.

Don’t steal their words exactly (you don’t have the rights).

But you can generate good ideas by looking at why customers buy from your competitors.

And headlines are just ONE of the ways I use customer language to create higher conversions rates in less time.

My Autoresponder Alchemy course will show you step-by-step how to create emails that sell.

You get 80 of my own personal templates you can use as models to create your own winning emails.

But you also get my complete training program that goes into detail about how to discover the customer language you should be using to connect with your hungry buying audience.

Discover how to find subject lines, ideas, themes, content, and stories to turn your bland, boring emails into consistent buyer magnets…even if you’re not a writer.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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