Why should someone choose to do business with you over every other available option?

It’s an important question.

Because as online entrepreneurs we often start thinking about what we can say to convince someone to buy from us.

But BEFORE you think about the right words…you need to think about what you can offer that stands out from the competition.

Copy is important. There’s no question about that.

But your offer is even more important.

Here are a few offer ideas that may get your juices flowing…

Several clients offer $1 trials of their digital product.

One client does $1 today and $36 in 7 days.

Another does pay $1 today…$99 in 7 days…and the final payment of $99 in 30 days (so the total price is $199 but you can try it out for just $1).

You could even do a $99 paid webinar…but have people register and attend the webinar for free. They’ll be billed a few days after the webinar unless they contact you to let you know it wasn’t for them.

The key here is you make it virtually risk-free to the buyer.

One client even offered his monthly service package completely for free the first 30 days. That’s right. We’re not even talking a digital product. This is an actual service where his team provides direct support to a business owner at no cost for the first 30 days.

His clients have to register and provide their credit card information upfront. But they receive the service free the first month and are only billed starting the second month (and they can cancel at any time).

He had to know his numbers and the value of his service before he could make an offer like this.

It completely removes the risk for prospects.

Another little risk-free technique we’ve used for high-end consulting, coaching, and done-for-you services is the ‘Discovery Call.’

Instead of having a client pay for the full-service upfront, you do a low-cost (under $100) strategy call with a full money-back guarantee. It won’t just be a sales call. You provide at least 10 times the value on the call itself…and then give them an option for your full-service package.

And irresistible offers aren’t limited just to attracting customers and clients.

You can use them to generate traffic and sales as well.

I’ve partnered with an entrepreneur who sent me a case of his physical books and asked me to throw one in each outgoing order…and we’d split the sales of anything someone bought out of his book 50/50.

Another client of mine built a large affiliate program WITHOUT doing any reciprocal promotions…because he offered affiliates 200% on the first sale (he knew his backend numbers well).

And those are just a few ideas I’ve seen work like crazy.

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