A lot of online entrepreneurs are constantly chasing cheap traffic.

Any new bright shiny object that promises cheap or free traffic immediately grabs their attention.

Of course I’m not immune either. I love getting high quality buyers to my websites for less.

But I’ve also seen cheap traffic become a curse.

In fact, one client recently mentioned how this curse almost destroyed his dream early on.

When he started online, he tapped into a way to generate visitors cheap (some would say free but traffic is never really free as your time has value).

He started making money from his website, quit his job, and started celebrating.

BUT he also got complacent. He didn’t learn how to build funnels. He didn’t improve his copywriting. He didn’t branch out into any other forms of traffic. They were “too expensive.”

You probably know where this story is going.

Eventually his cheap traffic source died out with a Google algorithm change.

He was immediately in emergency mode as his income disappeared overnight.

He basically had to rebuild everything from zero.

This time he learned how to write strong copy that could convert visitors into sales.

Now he knows how to build funnels that include multiple products at different price points along with emails, webinars, continuity, and more.

And he can afford to “BUY” customers with a mix of both lower and higher cost traffic sources.

He survived the curse, but I’ve seen others who haven’t.

Instead of growing as an entrepreneur when the cost of visitors increase, they go on a never-ending journey for their next source of cheap traffic.

Eventually they give up in frustration because they never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The most successful and confident entrepreneurs I know are those who can profit even from expensive traffic.

They may start out in the beginning with one source of traffic, but eventually they expand into multiple streams of traffic. Some of those traffic sources are cheaper than others, but they combine them all into a profitable, reliable business. They combine techniques such as SEO, Facebook pages, Twitter, Facebook PPC, Google Adwords, and more all into one system.

What about you?

Are you constantly looking for cheap traffic, or are you focusing on improving your skills, your funnels, and your business?

The cost of traffic is going to increase (both in money and time).

That is a prediction I feel very comfortable making.

You can either be terrified by that prediction, or you can use it to motivate you for the future. Costs will increase overall, but you will know how to earn more from every visitor.

There is a bright future ahead for you…if you’re willing to accept it.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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