Let’s say you’re running Facebook advertising.

Should you go for the sale immediately or warm them up with a content-rich email campaign designed to get them bonded with you?

The correct answer of course is, “It depends.”

But I find in most situations you’re better off going for the sale immediately.

This could mean either going for the sale right on the landing page or using an optin process where someone subscribes and then you immediately make your offer on the thank you page.

Several clients have recently tested going for the sale immediately on the thank you page versus delivering value and then going for the sale a few days to a week later.

The immediate thank you page offer has won in all these tests so far.

Would we have the same results if we went really high ticket? Maybe…maybe not.

Make sure you track your numbers!

If there was a place where you would think you have to ‘warm up’ a prospect, it would be on Facebook.

When advertising on Google or Bing, you’re marketing to visitors specifically looking for what you offer. Many of them are in a buying mood.

On Facebook, you’re interrupting the customer while they’re socializing with friends, playing games, or looking at silly cat photos.

Yet, even though you’re interrupting them, the recent tests by my clients have proven just how important it is to go for the immediate sale.

Often 50% or more of the sales in the funnel are coming on the first day!


The infamous copywriter Gary Halbert used to talk about the “The Porcupine in Heat Theory.”

Porcupines only go in heat once a year. When they go in heat, they go crazy, get into fights, and literally do anything to take advantage of a short window of opportunity.

Buyers can be like that also.

Have you ever gotten excited about a subject and you bought everything you could for it? Come back six months later and you might not even care.

I did that with golf a few years ago. I bought books, lessons, clubs, memberships, etc. Now you couldn’t get me to play. I think it’s boring and can’t figure out what got me excited in the first place.

When you interrupt your viewer and get them to click over to your site…now is the time to take advantage of their interest.

Go for the sale. Add an upsell. Strike when the opportunity is hot.

If you wait…you may lose out on 50% or more of your sales.

Product launches where you tease your audience with great value and benefits for an upcoming product definitely have their place. You can get an audience into a fevered pitch for the offer, but you have to know when to use each option.

Should you go for the sale immediately or pre-launch your offer? It all depends on what you’re offering, who you’re offering it to, and where they are in your funnel.

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