It used to bug me whenever I heard anyone say, “Follow your passion…”

Sometimes I even felt like slapping them, although I’ve never acted on that urge.

If only you could find your mythical passion, then everything would immediately be perfect with your world.

At least that’s how some speakers make it sound.

“Purpose” is a similar word. You’ve found your purpose. You’re following your passion.

Both words sound so final…like it’s a one-time event.

Perhaps you sit in your room doing a bunch of diagrams until you finally stumble upon your passion. It’s done. Now you can complete your purpose in life.

Except…life doesn’t work like that.

I didn’t sit around at home doing personality tests trying to find my passion before I came online.

No. Instead I sat there asking myself how in the world could I get out of the financial mess I was in. How could I get a better job? How could I pay off all those debts? How could I finally create a lifestyle I was dreaming about?

I bought a computer, trained myself on it, and started online because that seemed like the best opportunity available to me at the time.

I found problems people were willing to pay to solve.

Passion didn’t enter into the equation originally, except the fact I’m passionate about eating and living indoors. Those are kind of cool and I wasn’t willing to give them up.

Maybe you don’t have the same type of hang-ups I’ve had about the passion and purpose words.

Maybe you’ve found your passion using one of those exercises. More power to you.

But if you’ve struggled to find your profitable passion, then maybe this little transition I’m about to give you will help.

I’m on a mission.

It has a similar meaning but a totally different connotation to me. Passion or purpose sounds like something that is lifelong.

A mission is something you might do only for a short period. The solder goes on a mission. The soldier comes home, and then may go on a totally different mission in the future.

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs earn more, work less, and enjoy life.

I’m on another mission to help business coaches set up six and seven figure practices where they live life on their own terms.

Quit sitting around psychoanalyzing yourself and all your personality traits.

Instead throw yourself into a profitable mission.

Look for a desperate problem experienced by a hungry, buying audience you can help.

It doesn’t have to be your permanent mission. Since many of my clients have worked with me for years, I’ve seen the progress and the transitions they’ve made.

I’ve seen very successful entrepreneurs complete their mission in one area…get bored in that market…and enter entirely new markets for even greater profits.

You find the hungry audience. You look at the desperate problems where they’re willing to pay for solutions. You look at the competition and see where they’re lacking.

Then you claim that market gap as your mission.

You match it up with a message you can’t resist telling people about.

And you march forward.

Your choice doesn’t have to be permanent. In fact, my experience with clients tells me your mission is likely to change in the future. You’re likely to change in the future.

Dare I say it, but your passions will likely change in the future.

Your plan to conquer the world 3 years from now may be totally different than the one you’re following today.

And that’s OK. The key is having a mission, a plan, and following the steps to make it successful today.

If you’re looking for the tools to make it happen, that’s where the Monthly Mentor Club comes in…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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