Do you hate writing?

That doesn’t disqualify you from online marketing.

In fact, all that proves is you’re sane.

It’s those people who tell everyone how much they love writing who sometimes scare me.

When I write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth.”
Kurt Vonnegut

I’ve heard a lot of entrepreneurs say, “I’m not a writer.”

So what? That doesn’t matter.

Can you talk? If you can talk, you can write.

Writing is even EASIER than talking.

Have you ever had the experience where you’re talking to someone and can’t quite find the right words to say? You come up with the perfect response later in the day. Why didn’t you say that?

I’ve been there dozens of times.

When you’re writing, no one has to see your initial thoughts. You get to add in all those great ideas that come to you later.

I used to hate writing because it reminded me of English classes in school. I hated diagraming sentences. If you made me diagram a sentence today, I’d still hate it.

When I first started writing for my online business, I kept hearing my 5th grade English teacher telling me everything I was doing wrong.

It’s impossible to write when voices from 20 years gone by are still speaking in your head.

You have to quiet the voices.

Just write. Communicate your thoughts.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It won’t be perfect.

All you have to do is get it going.

You can struggle for hours in front of a blank page, because you’re waiting for the perfect introduction.

There is no perfect first draft. You will hate writing if you’re trying to do the impossible.

Get started with whatever comes to mind. The good stuff comes later. You prime the pump. Eventually you get into a flow.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs write sales copy for their websites and videos. One of the most common edits I’ve made is cutting their entire first page or two. I’ve killed many of my own page 1’s.

Quit being a perfectionist…at least on your initial rough draft.

The perfectionist can’t be allowed in until it’s time to edit.

Write first. Edit later.

Get your thoughts out on paper. Then put the project to the side for a few hours or days. When you come back to it fresh, you’ll add more. You’ll cut sentences. You’ll change words.

Writing gives you the opportunity to do what you can never do in individual conversation.

You can edit everything you’ve said before anyone sees it.

The most successful entrepreneurs I know are prolific.

They’re continually creating.

They may be writing emails, blog posts, websites, video scripts, or webinars. They’re giving content and value to the world around them. They’re making money from their creations.

As Dan Kennedy says, “Money is attracted to speed.”

That’s why the March issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about my 7 step Fast Writing Formula.

It’s coming out in just a few days.

Discover how to experience freedom in writing, how to end writer’s block, use fun games to get the river flowing, and how to edit anything you create into gold…even if you hate writing.

End the struggle. Enjoy the journey by tapping into these proven techniques I’ve used to train thousands of entrepreneurs and copywriters over the past 19 years.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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