This is one of the most powerful copywriting tricks you can use to convert more prospects into long-term customers and clients.

But it’s also one that many marketers often have forgotten.

Are you ready for it?

Here it is…


Tell the truth in your advertising. It’s a radical departure from the norm in many markets today.

Sure, you may see some marketers who get away with dishonesty…at least for a while.

But our goal is long-term customers and clients.

One of the questions I often ask my clients is, “What is the strongest promise we can honestly make?”

While coming up with ideas, we sometimes go too far. And that naturally leads us into brainstorming.

What could we do to the product, service, or offer to make that promise true?

Or what words and phrases need to be changed until the promise is true?

Once we have a strong promise that is true, the next step is figuring out how we can prove the promise to our readers. What evidence can we provide that this promise is true? This could include case studies, testimonials, scientific studies, quotes, etc.

Read through your website.

Look for places where you may have exaggerated the truth.

Those ‘little’ exaggerations can destroy your credibility. They can turn off potential purchasers. Each time you cross the line, you add doubt to your overall message.

What objections may your prospects be thinking about when they visit your site?

Bring those objections up. Handle them. Show them you understand it’s tough to trust someone online. If you had doubt about the results of the product yourself, let them know. That’s a great way to bond with your visitor and tell them you’ve been there too.

You’re not hiding anything about your product and service.

Another way you can use this is by sharing a damaging admission.

As reported by “Selling the Invisible,” there was a study done by Cleveland State University in the 80’s.

The researchers created two job candidates. And they wrote two almost identical letters of reference. The only difference was John’s letter said, “Sometimes, John can be a little difficult to get along with.”

When the resumes were sent to personnel directors, guess which candidate they most wanted to interview? John.

Having a minor criticism made the rest of the recommendation more believable.

Your customers know your product or service isn’t perfect. No product is perfect. So why don’t you take the initiative and reveal a minor flaw in the product yourself?

For example, I’ve said this on one of my websites before…

If you’re extremely picky about audio quality and only want top level professionally quality where every little noise has been edited out, this may not be for you. This was recorded in the Livingston’s living room. Their two little dogs were in the room with us for most of the event. At times you hear their electronic doggy door in the background when the dogs go outside. At one point, the cute little guy starts playing with his squeaky toy for a minute or two.

Sure, we could have edited this out, but you would have missed the discussion. It’s slight background noise which doesn’t take away from the presentation at all. If this casual nature offends you, this isn’t the right package for you. But if you appreciate candor and honest discussion of the realities of online marketing along with the profits, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

I was honest about a problem with the product upfront. This can bump the response overall, but at the same time I disqualified customers who wouldn’t have been happy with the product anyway.

What minor flaw could you reveal about your product or service that will establish even more credibility for everything else on your website?

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