I remember seeing Darth Vader when I was little.

Dressed all in black, he was terrifying.

He was the “Ultimate Evil”…even if he had a serious asthma problem.

Luke was a whiny little brat.

Vader was the true hero of the story…at least for me.

But this isn’t about my strange admiration of villains.

It’s about how you can make more money!

The secret is the villain.

Look at major blockbuster movies.

Sure, they always have a hero, but the best ones also have memorable villains.

I was recently studying my most successful sales copy over the past two decades.

Then I reviewed huge winners by several other copywriters.

The majority of these pieces had a villain in them.

Those evil pharmaceutical companies were making a fortune while purposely keeping you sick.

The Wall Street Fat Cats are stealing your 401k.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle were taxing you into oblivion, stealing jobs, and destroying the economy.

Gurus were selling you lies while constantly distracting you with additional shiny objects.

Adwords slapped your website and won’t let you advertise anymore.

The food industry is constantly tempting you with delicious, high calorie treats.

The IRS is stealing your hard-earned money.

And of course, there is also the infamous, “What They Don’t Want You to Know…”

Who are ‘they’ and why don’t they want you to know it?

Somebody, somewhere is holding you back.

They’re the villain in the story.

Who or what is the villain in your story?

What makes you so angry you can’t keep quiet about it anymore?

What is your audience frustrated with? What can’t they stand?

Who or what is behind that desperate problem?

Focus that anger. Personalize it. That’s the enemy.

Pharmaceuticals are a good example. They’re the villain of many natural health stories. They make the perfect villain.

They’re big. They’re ‘faceless’ corporations. There isn’t a likable spokesperson standing up for them.

Your buying audience already believes that villain is taking advantage of them.

One of the huge winners I looked at kept coming back to this villain. Pharmaceutical companies didn’t want this natural health product on the market, because they couldn’t profit from it. They want the advertiser shut down, because he’s on a mission to actually help his customers.

You can tap into those emotions.

Find and build up the enemy.

Position yourself as the underdog…the dragon slayer…the person who has come to save them from the villain.

Claim the status of the hero.

And I’m here to help you do it.

Today you’re surrounded by gurus trying to sell you on the latest and greatest Flavor-of-the-Month. They’re hawking one high priced course after another.

What you really need is personal help and a customized plan specific to your market and situation.

Become an Alpha Wolf.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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