My audience is overwhelmed with information.

There are too many emails, too many blog posts, too many podcasts, and too many videos for you to keep up with it all.

It’s impossible to consume all the information being published for free online.

Yet, I’m in the ‘information business.’

I sell even more information to an audience already overwhelmed by too much information.

And I work with clients who sell millions of dollars worth of information to their already overwhelmed audiences.

That’s right. Everyone is pretty much overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter what market you’re in. Your audience is dealing with it.

So how are we able to sell even more information consistently…day after day…in virtually every market you could imagine?

The trick is NOT to sell information.

There’s not a whole lot of value in the information itself.

What customers really want to buy are the end results.

They want a successful online business. They want a fit body. They want to find the love of their life. They want to play better basketball.

Sorting through a huge volume of information isn’t going to help them reach their goals.

They want a quicker and easier way.

This means you’re not really selling information.

Instead, you’re selling Simplification, Guidance, and Confidence.


Instead of delivering a huge encyclopedia of content no one has time to go through, you’re sorting and sifting it for them.

You’re giving them the 3 steps they need to achieve results right now. You’re giving them the shortcut solution that delivers results quicker and easier than any other option.


They don’t have to stumble through this forest alone. You’ve been there before, and created a step-by-step map they can follow.

You’re their trusted guide. You’ve faced the same problem before and you’ve found the solution. You have experience that can help them get to where they’re going with the least hassle possible.


Your story inspires them. You have testimonials and case studies from other people just like them. Yes, they can actually do this.

The problem they’re facing isn’t insurmountable. You provide the motivation they need not only to get started but to help them overcome any challenges they face along the way.

These 3 little tips will help guide you in any information business.

Don’t deliver an encyclopedia to your customers. They don’t want to know every little nuance and possibility.

They want a simple system they can follow. They want to know you’ve done this before and you’re pointing them in the right direction to get results quickly. And they want the confidence this will work for them.

That’s what Dr. Glenn Livingston, Yoav Ezer, and I deliver in the Alpha Wolf Den.

You can bring your biggest marketing and business challenges to us…and we’ll provide you with a step-by-step, personally customized blueprint to help you get to the next level.

We’ll give you three bonuses just for giving it a try. You’ll get the “Quick Win” module which shows you 8 easy to implement techniques we use with our private clients to create more sales and profits FAST.

You’ll get “Unlimited Traffic Machines” which help you choose the most relevant and profitable traffic sources for your unique business.

And you get “Starting From Scratch” which details what we would do if we had to build our businesses from scratch today.

Grab your cure for overwhelm here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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