A couple of days ago I shared how setting up an online business is similar to the space shuttle launch.

It takes two solid rocket boosters to provide the thrust necessary for initial liftoff. Without it the shuttle can’t reach escape velocity.

Too many internet beginners get stuck on the launch platform because they don’t invest the 30 to 90 days minimum of intense and focused effort to reach launch velocity.

This includes choosing a niche, studying the market, and creating your core unique promise.

It means putting together a highly valuable offer that delivers on your promises.

It also includes putting together your initial content/funnel and mastering one starting traffic source.

And yes, that is a lot of work. That’s why it takes the commitment of cutting out all the unnecessary in your life to focus on your goal. The sacrifice is worth the end reward.

For me, it’s all about that Internet Lifestyle of FREEDOM.

Earn both active and passive income doing projects you enjoy…with people you like…from anywhere in the world.

Here’s the most deadly question you can ask at this point, “Isn’t there an easier way?

The moment you ask that question…a hyped up guru will answer YES to you.

They say, “No, you don’t have to do your research.”

They tell you to just use their super-secret, never-before-seen system and you’ll magically know your prospect’s innermost buying desires.

Then you ask, “Isn’t there any easier way than creating a high quality product?

They’ll answer, “Of course…just use this system to throw something together in the next 30 minutes…even if you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.”

Maybe you ask, “Isn’t there an easier way than mastering a traffic source?

They’ll respond, “Yes, just give me your money and I’ll send you guaranteed visitors.”

Of course, they hope you don’t ask if those visitors are qualified buyers. They’re not.

I’m not putting down information, education, or coaching. I sell information and coaching!

A good information product contains YEARS of hard-won experience and systems.

It can give you the steps to success.

What it can’t do is magically walk that path for you.

I’m cutting my own throat with this email.

I know that. I’ve sent emails like this before. The first time I shared something like this, I was shocked at how angry some people were.

They got mad when I kicked over their sacred cow of ‘push button riches’ online.

I’m sure I’ll get a few of those emails today.

BUT…this is the harsh dose of reality required to help you succeed.

You might be on the right path already. But you’re tempted to get off it…and go back to chasing your own tail because of all the ‘push button riches’ stories you’re hearing around you.

If you’re moving the right direction…let this message simply be a comfort.

Everyone has to do the work required to reach escape velocity. If you’re feeling that pressure and you’re a little afraid…that’s normal. Don’t let it distract you from your vision of the Internet Lifestyle.

If you’re not sure about the path to take, then give the Monthly Mentor Club a try.

You’ll get the steps to take…and you’ll get real advice that works…even if it hurts a little.

This isn’t about just feeling good.

It’s about creating an online business that works for you.


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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