A lot of people are looking for 100% passive income.

I have some passive income. It’s awesome.

Sales are being made and income comes in 24-7 whether you’re working, vacationing, or sleeping.

But I also have active income with a small, select group of one-on-one coaching clients.

Some of these clients have been with me since 2006. Do the math.

I love working with them, because over time I’ve discovered how to attract serious players.

If you’ve done any type of coaching and didn’t like it…I’ll bet you attracted the wrong clients.

And it’s NOT just about the money. Definitely not. One of the benefits to me is I get to see what’s working inside of multiple different niches…along with variations we create for best results today.

It gives me a much broader viewpoint compared to those who only sell in the incestuous internet marketing space.

This benefits every other product I create. For example, my Monthly Mentor Club issues are almost always written from the viewpoint of producing another system to hand my clients.

That’s why I suggest almost every infopreneur add some type of one-on-one or small group coaching as a higher ticket offer to their funnel.

You get active income today…and you’re given the insider knowledge to produce better passive income in the future.

Plus, customers want personal help and individual solutions fit for them in today’s increasing digital world filled with automation and overwhelm.

Because my clients stay with me so long, there can be a long delay before I accept new ones.

I finally let my small waiting list know I would accept new clients last Monday.

It sold out again in under 15 minutes.

What surprised me was the first 4 slots were gone in 2 minutes! They had to be sitting there refreshing the page or something.

The 5th client was probably waiting for the actual email I sent out.

So yes…there is a great demand for coaching if you’ve got the chops to help clients get the results they’re looking for.

And here’s the beauty of the deal. You create the rules. Coaching is done on the time schedule you create. So it can fit in any type of lifestyle.

You can plan your business and send emails that attract the kind of clients you’re looking for while repelling those who you don’t want to work with.

Yes, I know that talking only about “passive income” is exciting.

It’s FUN money…and can grow to where it takes care of all your needs and desires.

But the active income gives you a broader viewpoint. For me, I even look at it as paid customer research, because I get to know my best customers.

For me, it makes creating the passive income that much easier.

There isn’t any more room for private clients, but if you’d like to get the same insider secrets I’m sharing with my private clients…check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

For less an $1 a day, you’ll be able to tap into the same systems my private clients are using to build their active and passive incomes every day online.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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