Have you noticed most advertising is targeted to the lowest common denominator?

In the make money market…that means showing big dollar signs with little work and insider shortcuts ‘they’re’ not telling you about (whoever this mysterious “they” may be).

In the weight loss market…that means lose weight while you sit on your butt watching TV and eating all your favorite high calorie foods.

In the credit market…it means getting yet another credit card or loan so the spending spree can continue a little while longer.

Why do you see so many ads like these?

Because they work.

Let’s face it. We all like shortcuts. I’ll make this personal.

I want the quickest and easiest way!

In any market, you’ll often find 80% of the buyers have this mentality.

Catering to them can be very profitable.

BUT eventually it reaches critical mass. The promises get ridiculous.

And there are a portion of the customers who see through the hype.

They’re turned off by the incredible claims. They just want something that works.

These are the 20%. They’re the customers who’ve done their research.

They’re the customers who buy what you have, get results, and buy more.

While in most markets, this portion of the audience is smaller, they also are more loyal when they find someone who delivers on their promises.

Want the secret of handling the lazy customers?

Find ways to disqualify them before they become customers.

Set expectations correctly…and attract the right customers to your business.

That’s why you see me send out emails like I did last week…where I talked about the work involved and how it takes a lot of momentum to get your business moving.

I’m disqualifying the average business opportunity seeker on purpose.

And yes, I’m limiting my audience.

Have you noticed how I don’t include a bunch of big checks or bank statements on my websites?

Those work, but they would attract more of the customers I don’t want.

You’ll also notice I don’t participate in the big product launches and only do joint ventures with a limited number of partners.

That’s because joint ventures often require a reciprocal promotion…and I refuse to promote any product unless I’ve went through it and believe fully it will benefit you.

I’m careful who I associate with…which limits my options.

It’s your business and your choice.

You can cater to the largest audience in your market. It usually means going after the lowest common denominator.

Or you can go after the hyper-responsives. Those are the customers willing to do their research and look for the best answer to their problems.

Look at your website, your videos, and your email messages.

Who are you attracting?

Going for the biggest audience is usually the quickest and easiest way.

But targeting hyper-responsives is how to build a long-term business…and sleep better at night.

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded Internet business owners who deliver value, build relationships, and grow long-term profitable businesses…then the Monthly Mentor Club is right for you.


If you’re just after the quick buck…and don’t care about your audience or the value delivered…then this club is NOT for you. Please do not apply…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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