With the current crisis, an increasing number of people are asking how they can earn money fast.

With the unemployment out there, times are tough. And it’s unclear exactly how long this is going to last…and it may vary by your location.

This also means an increasing number of ‘fast money’ courses are being launched right now.

The usual promises are fast, easy money…and it doesn’t require selling or any of the other common work.

This occurred during the past two recessions as well.

My suggestion is be careful.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Here is a simple question you can ask yourself about any opportunity you’re considering…

How do I add value to others?

Your income relies on the value you add to others. And the best systems find ways to leverage that value to benefit a larger, even more affluent audience.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”
Zig Ziglar

If the super-secret, ninja money getting system you’re being promised keeps the ‘value’ question blank…something is wrong!

Let me give you a few examples.

There are a lot of people who earn a good income online as an affiliate selling other people’s products. They do it by adding value. They create entertaining content consistently such as on a blog, Youtube channel, or podcast. They attract an audience. And they promote related products their audience wants to buy.

A method I often promote is creating and selling infoproducts for ongoing income. Work once and get paid on it forever. That means identifying a hungry buying audience, researching what they already want to buy, and creating a simple way for them to get from the ‘problem’ to the solution they want.

Another method is consulting or done-for-you services. You provide value to others through a skill you already have or one you train and develop.

I earn income using all 3 methods…coaching with clients directly, selling infoproducts, and from affiliate promotions.

Yes, you can earn multiple streams of income.

But each one comes back to the value question.

Trying to skip over it will just bring heartache.

If you’re looking to leverage ways to bring more value to a larger, buying audience, check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

I NEVER promise fast income…but if you’re looking to create a longer-term, higher value business, I welcome you to give it a try.

Inside the Special Reports section you’ll find reports on topics such as:

  • How to Choose Hungry Buying Markets
  • 7 Step Affiliate Income Business Model for Brand New Online Marketers
  • 30 Days to Info Profits

And of course, guidance for those with more experience as well such as:

  • Internet Consultant Shortcuts
  • Pricing Magic
  • 7 Emotional Triggers to Make More Money By Offering Premium Options to Affluent Customers.

But everything relies on the value equation…

Discover how to consistently add more value to a larger audience…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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