In my last email I talked about how many people are desperate for income.

It makes sense with the current crisis, shutting down of businesses around the world, and mass unemployment that rivals the Great Depression.

The big mistake many make is looking for ways to make ‘easy money.’

Instead, you need to look for ways to provide greater value to a larger audience.

But what about when you’re in an emergency situation and you need money now?

Forget about going big for the moment.

Instead inventory the skills, experiences, and contacts you already have.

What you don’t have can often blind you to the assets you currently possess.

Products take time to develop or deliver.

The secret to ‘faster’ money is providing a service.

What service could you provide?

And who do you already know that you could provide it to?

For example, let’s say I lost everything…my websites, my lists, my products, my savings, etc.

A couple of skills I could immediately profit from would be copywriting and online advertising (since I’ve practiced both for decades).

How would I profit from them? The first thing I’d do is contact people I know who need those services.

Maybe you’re saying that’s too easy and would want to take away all my contacts too.

Are you saying you literally know no one…after all the years you’ve been on this earth?

I don’t believe it, but let’s play that game. I’d have to go after those who need the services by direct contact with phone, email, or even small Facebook ads with an irresistible offer to prove my value at little or no risk.

But what about you?

Those likely aren’t your skills. What can you do? The question comes back to your skills and how you can create value for others.

Many professionals become consultants in the industry they’ve previously worked in.

Others such as fitness coaches, who lost their jobs in gyms recently, go after private clients online…using their current social media connections.

Maybe you want to be difficult. You claim you don’t know anything…don’t know anyone…and have no clue where to get started. Well, borrow a lawnmower and start a lawn service for your neighbors. Buy a pooper scooper at Walmart and create a dog poop service for your neighborhood.

But you want an online business?

I agree with that. What skills do you have? And who do you know that you could start helping?

For example, I’ve directed several people who’ve been studying internet marketing for a while to get started in consulting by contacting a couple of businesses owners they already knew to provide low cost services to help them promote.

They can go cold to potential clients, but that is a tougher road until you have a couple of testimonials.

And here’s one of the secrets not a lot of people talk about.

That initial ‘sweat equity’ of providing the service gives you the leverage to create value for a larger audience.

The fitness coach helping clients individually can turn their experience into a product they sell later.

Even the lawn service could hire employees to handle more customers.

We didn’t even get time in this email to talk about how you could make up for your lack of contacts by partnering with someone who already has a list of potential buyers for your service.

That’s a major secret that overcomes a lot of the other problems.

It lets you provide more value to a larger audience faster.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.

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