internet marketing strategyWhat does it take to succeed online?

1. You need a product.

2. You need a way to generate traffic.

3. You need a way to convert those visitors into actions.

When I say you need a product, it means something you offer that’s profitable.  It could be a physical product.  It could be a digital product.  It could be a service you offer people.  Or it could even be advertising you sell on your site (such as clicks for Adsense).

You need a way to make money or all the traffic in the world won’t do anything for you. 

Once you know what you’re offering, then you go after the right visitors for this.

For example, do you realize even if you’re doing Adsense, some forms of traffic convert better than others.  You’ll find search engine visitors will click on ads at a much higher rate than social media visitors.  Keep that in mind as you develop your strategy.

Then you need a systematic method of converting those visitors into the action you want to take.

In many cases you might even have multiple steps in your process.

For example, you may convert visitors into subscribers.  Then your subscription process gets them onto a webinar.  Then you make the sale from the webinar and related follow-ups.

It all depends on the product you’re offering.  Let’s say you offer a website design service.  Your first step here may also be to get people on your list with the special conversion report you offer them.  Then you focus on getting them to fill out your “quote” form for more information where you get on the phone with them to find out their needs.

In a simple situation you might just have a website that sells an ebook directly…nothing else.

No matter what your set-up is, you need all 3 parts to be successful online.

And as I’ve so often found…the right answer is discovered when you ask yourself the right questions.

How do you generate income from your website?

What’s currently the most profitable item from your website?

Are you focusing your conversion process on this product/service?

Where are your top competitors generating their buyers from?

What websites do your target customers visit?

Which keyword phrases generate responsive visitors?

What else are they buying immediately before or immediately after your offer?

What is your budget for advertising?

How much time do you have to invest weekly in lead generation?

Here’s a big secret for those who are successful long-term online.

Quit looking for the one-size-fits-all marketing plan.

Your offer is unique.  Your audience is unique.  And you especially are unique.

When I get someone started in their marketing, we generally either go after pay-per-click, search engine optimization, or affiliates…one of those routes.

Then we modify the plan as we go along based on the results we’re seeing and what fits their personality/skillset best.

The key here is to have a plan, track the results, and modify it accordingly.

1. What’s your current marketing plan? 

2. How are you tracking the results?

3. When will you decide to review the results and make changes?

There are multitude of ways you can effectively market your site, but I can give you one method that simply doesn’t work…the hope and spray method.  That’s where you simply buy each new traffic course and try a few techniques for the next week before jumping on the new thing next week.

Let’s say your marketing plan revolves around affiliate marketing.

This means you need to put together all your affiliate tools.  You have to find the potential affiliates, contact them, follow-up.  And you’ll likely have to produce some good quality content for affiliates to use as well.

Hopefully your marketing plan is NOT to contact people and say, “Hey, will you promote my product?”

If it is, you’ll quickly find out that doesn’t work very well.

Instead you need a plan to provide what they want…such as articles, guest posts, content, etc. for their sites.  You also often need to promote them first!

It takes TIME to build strong affiliate relationships.

What is your plan and how are you adding value daily to each of your potential affiliate partners?

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