list building secretsOne of my first big breakthroughs in internet business was when I discovered the majority of my income was coming directly from my email list.

I simply looked back over my first 6 months and saw that as my list grew each month, so did my income. 

It was almost like clockwork. 

Grow the list and watch my income grow. 

That was 15 years ago.  And it’s still TRUE.

I run paid ad campaigns.  I work on SEO.  I publish a blog.  I participate in social media.  And the money still comes from my list. 

How much should you earn each month from your list?

That’s a tough call.  I’ve seen people with just over a thousand subscribers who earn close to half a million dollars a year.  I’ve also seen others with over 100,000 subscribers and it’s tough to make a few hundred sales. 

But here’s what I have seen every time.  As we grew the list, we grew the income…as long as we were focusing on adding targeted buyers. 

Where do you find list members like this?

The three biggies for me are:

1. Joint Ventures

2. SEO

3. Paid Advertising

Let’s focus in on joint ventures here…

The mistake most people make is they send the standard email, “Hey I have a boring new product, do you want to promote it?”

When you send something like that you can hear the crickets chirping.  Dead silence.

Instead figure out how you can give first and prove your worth (sounds like online marketing in general doesn’t it).  

For example, you could write a great guest post for their blog. 

You could promote one of their products to your list.

You could send a thank you note a product you purchased or an article that helped you. 

You could produce an exclusive video they can give away in their membership site.

You could even design a nice set of graphics for one of their sites.

In other words, you find a want they have, and you fill that need. 

Or you can even find a way to promote them such as doing an interview with them first…where you share their expertise.

I can almost hear the objection here, “But if I’m just starting out…nobody will participate.”

Sure they will…if you approach them correctly.  If you make it a win-win deal for everyone involved, you can even get some well known names to participate in your first try.

I recently did an interview for Tyson Faulkner.

And he is a self-confessed, “total beginner who is putting our knowledge to the test himself.” 

 Check it out here…

He convinced 12 to experts to all share their knowledge on how to quickly build a list of red hot prospects. 

He is sending these out one per week for free (or you can purchase them to get them immediately).

This is short notice, but he is sending out my interview for free to his list today.  Click here now to find out more…

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