Last week a client and I were discussing his plan for 2020.

He already has a six figure online business and he is looking to multiply his results next year.

The traditional route to do this would be to look at ways he could do more next year. What new courses could he create? What new traffic opportunities could he jump into? How could he send more follow-up to his customers?

Sometimes those are the right options.

But for this client, it was more important to ask how he could earn more by doing less.

For example, he was thinking about a lot of different traffic options. And he tried to work on some of these recently, but they didn’t make it into his schedule consistently.

Yet, he was already creating videos and uploading them to his Youtube channel.

It isn’t a struggle for him to create videos. He enjoys it.

In fact, he finds it easier to shoot a video than to write.

Instead of fighting his already established good habits, he needs to take advantage of them.

We discussed how he could better optimize those videos and attract more visitors with them.

In other words, boost the results from what already comes naturally for him.

That’s better than dividing his attention between half a dozen things he doesn’t even want to do.

Since video is easier for him than writing, we also modified his email strategy to tap into his videos even more.

Of course, we discussed multiple more ways he could do less and earn more.

What comes naturally to you?

Are you using your talents and skills to grow your online business…or are you trying to force yourself into someone else’s mold?

Just because some guru says they get their traffic from X doesn’t mean you need to be doing it too.

Choose your traffic source based on where you can find a hungry buying audience and personally connect with them.

You’ll drive yourself crazy if you try to do everything.

And quit beating yourself up for what you’re not doing. That seems like a favorite habit of many entrepreneurs.

Instead, focus on what you can do.

Develop good habits around a few key skills.

You need a way to attract hungry buyers. You need a way to build trust with them. And you need a way to monetize that audience.

You might be writing out goals for 2020 right now…or you’ll be doing so soon.

Think about the key leverage points in your business.

How can you develop simple, easy to follow habits that fit into each of those 3 categories: traffic, conversion, and monetization?

Consistency is king. And that comes from good daily habits…not just big goals.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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