The April issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is about “Big Money and Happy Clients With Coaching”.

I know the word ‘coaching’ can scare some people off.

It sounds a little like ‘work’.

And you don’t know if you’re qualified.

Can’t you just sell digital products and let customers go on their merry way?

You could, but you’re severely limiting your income.

And you miss out on some of the amazing benefits from coaching.

You won’t see the obstacles that are holding your customers back from success.

You won’t know what frustrates them.

And you won’t get to celebrate their victories alongside them either.

Direct correspondence and feedback from your best customers and clients gives you incredible insight in how to develop even better products…help more people…and create sales copy that attracts your Ideal Clients to you.

Hiding behind a computer screen keeps you blind to your customers’ needs and desires.

And here’s the really good news.

Coaching doesn’t mean you have to get on the phone with clients.

You can if you want…and can earn premium fees for doing so.

But there’s an even easier way to profit from coaching.

You could simply add some type of bonus coaching with your other products.

For example, I’ve included ‘review certificates’ with copywriting and email courses before.

Customers could send me a link to their website or a copy of one of their emails…and I would review it for them.

I’ve done this by email and in another case it was a video review of their website. I’d take a look at their site, write down a few notes, and then fire up Camtasia Studio to share some ideas of how they could improve their site.

These review certificates gave my product buyers a second look at whatever they were developing.

It gave them confidence to implement…and enabled them to get even better results because of my support.

And these certificates gave me a valuable bonus. A review like this is easily worth $500 as a bonus…allowing me to sell my infoproduct for a higher fee and make more sales.

Before you get worried about being overwhelmed, I’ve found only around 10% of customers actually use these bonus certificates (of course it varies based on your course and audience).

Customers get a valuable resource. You add a LOT of value to your product. And it only takes a small portion of your time.

And get this…the people who use the certificate are often the best implementers meaning you’re being put in contact with those getting the best results (leading to more testimonials).

One of my clients goes even further. He includes 90 days of free email coaching with one of his products.

Sounds a little crazy! But his courses have a very specific end result, and most of his customers are able to follow his step-by-step system without getting stuck.

Very few people contact him for help and coaching. And he even says this on his website. The coaching is just an extra safety mechanism in case they get stuck. He doesn’t expect them to even need it.

This gives his customers confidence that his product delivers on his promises. Because if not, he’s there to help them.

Those are two easy ways to profit from coaching with your current infoproducts…without ever being a ‘coach.’

The April issue of the Monthly Mentor Club goes into full detail on these methods…along with multiple other ways you can boost your profits with coaching.

You’ll discover several additional super-simple methods like these…along with how to create new products through coaching…and how to develop high-end ‘full’ coaching programs for maximum income.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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