I had a dream when I first came online.

That dream was to make a lot of money without ever having to speak to a human being again.

I was an introvert who HATED all of my previous jobs!

Let’s face it. I was a horrible employee, couldn’t stand putting in my time for peanuts while making others rich, and didn’t like dealing with the bosses, other employees, or customers.

It’s tiring dealing with others when you feel powerless in your position.

Maybe I could just sell products online and never have to deal directly with customers again.

And that’s what I tried to do in my initial business. But from day one, it was impossible to fully ‘avoid’ the public.

One of my initial traffic generation methods was answering questions in Compuserve groups and sending people to my website for more details and my free Lead Magnet.

Funny how much the Internet changes…but still stays the same. It was Compuserve back then. Today you can use Facebook and Linkedin groups in the exact same way.

People had questions they had to email me or call me about.

I remember my first downloadable ebook. One buyer called me frantically because he purchased and couldn’t find the file! I told him step-by-step how to use the search feature on his computer to find the filename…and there it was safe for him on his hard drive.

He later became a friend and affiliate who generated a lot of sales and income for me.

As your business grows, you will hire or outsource to people to handle your customer service, but fully insulating yourself from your customers is a mistake.

Your business is NOT about your products or services. It’s about your buyers.

It’s about bringing value to their lives. What problems are they willing to spend money to solve? What else do they need?

Some customers are negative and can get you down. They’re the most vocal.

But the vast majority are good people who just want to feel better about their lives. You can connect with them and help them.

Hiding behind a computer screen doesn’t do them any good…and it keeps you blind to their needs and desires.

There are some customers who just want a cheap do-it-yourself guide.

Many of my clients sell products under $50 as a low cost and fully automated front-end to generate customers.

But the majority of their profits come from higher touch and more personal interaction and help. These customized solutions also deliver more value and results for customers.

Here’s a rule to keep in mind:

The higher tech and more automated the internet becomes, the more adding a personal human touch sets you apart from the competition.

And that’s what the April issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about.

You’ll discover how to earn a lot more money by combining in an element of coaching along with your products and services.

I’ll share numerous ways clients have implemented coaching from the super-simple that takes ZERO of your personal time…to full high-ticket, high-touch coaching programs.

The April issue, BIG Money And Happy Clients With Coaching, is coming out April 2nd.

Join today…and get my proven systems each and every month…along with dozens of my hand-picked back issues designed to help you Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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