Online marketers annoy me.

There I said it.

In fact, some of the things they do and say drive me crazy!

There are a lot of issues I could get into right here, but I want to talk about a pretty common one.

Many online marketers look at their product as simply a necessary evil to suck as much money out of people’s pockets as possible.

The product is almost an afterthought after coming up with their 19-step ninja money tornado funnel.

They just spit out the product as quickly and easily as they can…without thinking about how they can produce something that creates real results for their buyers.

And none of this is to say I haven’t made these mistakes at times also.

That’s one of the things that annoys me so much. I’ve fallen into that trap before.

Instead of looking at your product as just a way to make money.

Think about how you can improve people’s lives.

And I’m not talking about a completely altruistic attitude either.

Think of each product as an entry point into a long-term relationship.

What if you could attract ‘Customers For Life?’

Selling a product is not a one-time event.

It’s just the first step on a much longer journey.

Having this mindset changes how you do business.

What if the customer who buys today…buys several more times this year…purchases from you next year and the year after…and they’re still buying from you 10 years down the road?

What if ever transaction…no matter how large or small…had this potential?

Would it change your attitude about how much time you put into your products, how you write your ad copy, how you serve your customers, and how you write your emails?

You might not be so quick to promote that affiliate product…unless you’re 100% confident in its quality and their customer service.

This doesn’t mean you will be perfect.

You’re going to make mistakes.

I’ve promoted affiliate products in the past that I’m not proud of.

Have you noticed how rarely I promote them today?

That’s called learning from my mistakes.

I didn’t have a ‘Customers For Life’ attitude in the beginning.

It came over time after many experiences (and I’m not perfect on this now either).

For example, I’ve had customers who have been on my email list for a couple of years before buying anything from me.

All of sudden, they invest $2,000.

The right offer came to them at the right time…after years of consistency.

I have one-on-one clients who have been with me over a decade.

There are buyers who purchase virtually every product I release.

How much is that new buyer worth to you?

The $39 they just invested may be a drop in the bucket.

They could be worth 1,000 times that when everything is said and done.

That’s why you get access to so much value when you try out the Monthly Mentor Club.

You don’t get just one or two reports.

You get access to over 40 of my best training guides…dozens of training videos…a collection a profit building free bonuses…and personal help inside the members-only discussion forum and monthly webinars.

I don’t want this to be a one-time purchase. I want to see you successful online. Because when you succeed, you’ll continue to grow alongside me for years…and even decades.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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