Some of my most profitable products have also been the easiest to create.

For example, I once had a product called “Scientific Internet Advertising.”

I took the old out-of-copyright product “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins and added an update to each chapter that applied to the Internet.

The Scientific Advertising section could have been used by anyone, but the sections I created were exclusive to my version.

This was an extremely good seller…in the internet marketing field where everyone is enamored with the newest, latest discovery.

Even the core concept of my first membership site was simple.

I showed a weekly ad diary… exactly what was working and not working in my own advertising and split tests.

Your first reaction may be, “That’s too simple. It would never work today!”

Don’t discount simplicity.

Your customers have a problem.

They want the simplest, easiest, most effective solution to that problem.

There was a time where we talked about the ‘thud’ factor of big infoproduct courses, but today people are overwhelmed, time poor, and looking for a clear path to the goal.

In addition, don’t estimate the number of beginners in any market.

You don’t need the most ‘advanced’ solution on the planet. And you don’t need to be the premier expert. You just need a step-by-step system people can follow to get from the problem to the promise.

Being dazzled by everything that goes on in the ‘internet marketing’ niche can blind you to all the opportunities available in every other market.

When you start looking in other niches, you’ll find courses on knitting, how to make money in cake decorating, getting out of debt, speaking Chinese, barbequing, GMAT tutoring, using excel, creating iphone games, and even how to snowboard.

Yes, people buy courses teaching them the basics of snowboarding.

And that’s just a few out of the thousands of products selling online right now.

What do you know how to do…that you could teach to others?

There are people out there who will pay you for the gold already trapped inside your brain.

And the majority of these people are beginners.

You don’t have to know more than 99% of people in your market to get started.

The most valuable thing you could have is a story to tell. You had a problem and you found a simple way to solve it which you can share with others.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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