Julie and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in December of 2018.

The first time I ever asked her out, she ignored my question and changed the subject.

So, I asked again. She responded, “Sure I’m not afraid to go out with you.”

That’s a weird beginning, but we were married just 5 months after our first date.

Over 25 years you have some ups and downs.

We’ve been broke together. And we’ve been made very financially secure from the Internet.

Things weren’t always easy.

There’s been some disagreements and arguments.

There have even been a couple of times where I thought about giving up.

But a close relationship where your spouse is your best friend and there for you no matter what is worth it.

It’s similar to running an online business.

Some will tell you how easy it is run an online business.

But it’s not always easy.

You’ll face problems and challenges.

There may be a few times you think about giving up.

But the rewards are worth it.

Are you willing to invest the next year or several years doing something others won’t…for the chance to live the rest of your life in a way others never will?

One of the secrets of a good marriage is staying grateful.

When you’re frustrated or angry, what can you look back on and be grateful for?

Remind yourself of your blessings. It’s amazing what it can do for your point of view.

The same is true when you experience challenges in your business?

What motivates you to keep moving forward even when everything goes wrong?

For some people, it’s the money.

You’re able to take care of your family and give to causes you care about.

For others, it’s the love you have for your customers.

You care about them, and it hurts you to see them struggle.

So you’re continually creating newer and more innovative solutions to their problems.

You’re spreading your message to a wider customer base…and you’re digging deeper with additional products and services for your current customers.

Or perhaps you do what you do simply for spite.

Someone in your life told you that you’d never make it.

They stomped on your dream.

And you can’t wait to rub their nose in your success.

It might not sound as sexy as doing it for the love of your customers, but I know a few people who have propelled themselves to success just to spite those who threw negative comments their way.

Whatever your reason…now is the time to create your own Internet Lifestyle.

I’m not promising it will be easy.

You will face challenges. You might even be tempted to give up along the way.

But you will have a proven system my clients and I have used to create multiple passive income streams and lifestyles we love.

Find out more today about how you can earn more, work less, and enjoy life!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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