Internet experts are quick to tell you everything they did right.

But I learn just as much or more from analyzing mistakes I’ve made along the way.

And I thought I’d share a few of the big ones with you here…including ones I continue to make…

1: Selling products at too low of prices.

This has been an issue for me since day one.

When I first came online, I couldn’t imagine people paying more than $50 for a product online.

Moving up to $100 was terrifying for me.

It was a SHOCK to me when I first went to an internet event and saw products being sold for thousands of dollars.

I came up with bigger, more valuable packages and still undersold them.

Even when I started helping clients, I recommended they increase their profits…and saw the huge difference this made in their income.

Yet, I still didn’t apply it to myself.

This is still a mistake I made in my products today.

My monthly Club is priced at a lower price than the continuity programs of ALL of my clients who sell to business markets.

And one of my clients modeled my one-on-one coaching packages for his audience (including swiping some of my exact words with my permission) and sells it at a higher price than I do.

It’s weird to admit this is mental challenge I’ve faced in my own pricing after helping hundreds of others overcome it in their own businesses.

2: Not Leveraging Affiliate Relationships

I have an affiliate program, but I don’t really push it.

Compare that to earlier in my business where over 60% of my sales were generated by affiliates.

Now it is nowhere near that number.

I don’t run affiliate contests, don’t do any big launches, and don’t communicate with affiliates like I should.

And that’s at the same time I see the kinds of numbers some of my clients generate through their affiliate programs.

3: Stopping successful campaigns or projects because they no longer interest me.

The final judge of any project is the market. Do they buy or not?

But there’s another element that’s important as well…how much joy do you get out of it?

There have been multiple projects which earned good income that I let fall to the side simply because I wasn’t passionate about them anymore.

If my goal was to earn maximum income, I would have kept pushing them and watched the profits flow while outsourcing more of it.

Here’s the funny thing about all 3 of the above mistakes.

In each case I could have earned more money, but I don’t regret any of it.

That’s because there are more than enough opportunities to profit online.

There are so many ways you can leverage your income online.

You can miss dozens of opportunities, and still have an amazing income like I’ve had over the past two decades.

And that’s one of the reasons I love the infobusiness so much.

You can be a little lazy like I’ve been…and still create ongoing passive income streams.

My Internet Lifestyle System will show you how to work once…and get paid on it forever.

If all of your family’s financial needs were taken care of, how would you spend your time?

That’s what Freedom truly means…the ability to make meaningful choices instead of being overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities of daily life.

Make this a reality here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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