eliminate frustrationHave you ever felt like you were smashing your face against a brick wall?

Here’s the bigger question.  Do you continue to do it time after time?

Otherwise intelligent people make this same mistake all throughout their life…and in their online business.

Sadly it produces a pretty similar feeling every time…just like smashing your face against that brick wall.

And it produces more frustration in people’s lives than virtually any other activity.

It’s trying to “change people.”

Probably the easiest place to recognize this is in marriage.  I’ve even heard a few people say that they would change their partner after they were married.

Good luck with that.  Hope they enjoy that brick wall, because they’re about to have a very intimate experience with it.

Others try to change their friends and family members.  As you’d expect, they pretty much experience the same effect…the painful sensation of their face slamming into the brick wall. 

And for some reason…they’re frustrated.  Yet, they continue to keep trying this with the same result.

Maybe one day…just maybe…that brick wall will break.

But I wouldn’t want to bet my face on it.

You’ll experience a sense of freedom like you’ve never felt before once you realize…you can’t change others.

All you can do is change yourself.  You can give advice and share wisdom with others, but you cannot change them.  As painful as it is, people even have to realize this with their adult children as well. 

And yet people take this same frustrating habit and use it in business…with very similar results.

They pound their face against that brick wall again and again hoping to finally get their breakthrough.  Maybe the wall will break, but probably not.

You can’t change your customers either.

For example, you know that your customers “should” want to look after their long term health and “prevent” heart attacks.  But they wont’ pay attention to this until they at least get warning signs or a scare.

You can market something around this subject till your face is beat black and blue from the brick wall, but it isn’t going to change them.

That’s why you should look to see what people are ALREADY buying.  What are they already spending their money consistently on in your market?   And how can you provide a version of this that better matches their desires (notice I said desires not needs)?

In Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene M. Schwartz says in the very first chapter:

“Copy cannot create desire for a product.  It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears, and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particulate product.”

You cannot create desire for your product. 

Trying to do so is a losing proposition.  All we do in business is find out what hopes, dreams, fears, and desires people already have…and supply them with products that match.  We create value based around what people already want.

Yet it’s EASY to forget this at times.  I’m just as guilty here or trying to change people at times instead of tapping into the desires they already are seeking after.

It’s part of wanting the best for them. 

But it’s not our job to set their goals for them….or plan their futures…or be their mommies.

It’s our job to help them fulfill the desires that are important to them!

Who are we to judge what someone else should desire?

This is why I emphasize research so often…and finding out what people are already buying. 

People are buying something, even if it’s not what you’re personally selling.  Find out what that is and offer a more valuable version.

And to make money online, you simply need to build a list of hungry buyers.  Then tap into their desire.

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