Increase ConversionWould you like a simple strategy to increase your conversions…every time?

This would mean more subscribers to your list…more readers of your blog…and more sales of your products and services….without any additional traffic.

OK…here it is…remember I said it would be simple.


Yes, that’s the strategy.

Produce more bullets. Create many more than you would ever need. Then select the best ones to features on your opt-in pages, your sales pages, and in your videos.

Bullets have ALWAYS been a powerful form of communication, but they’ve been taken to a whole new level today.

Your customers:

– Are in a rush like never before and that “Back” button is so easy to hit.
– Have a shorter attention span and little informational bites is what the majority want.
– You have limited space above the fold of your page (the first screen someone sees) to pack in as many benefits as possible in this tight space.
– Many people will make a quick decision for or against your product based on the first few bullets they read.

Simply put, bullets are concise, snappy sources that keep their eyes moving and attention focused on your offer.

And they’re the basic building blocks of everything else you do on your site.

What’s your headline? Often it’s simply one of your BEST bullets.

What about your “normal” paragraphs and text? If you practice bullet writing heavily, you’ll find this skill will transfer into anything else you create. You’ll start writing shorter sentences and paragraphs. You’ll keep them moving. And everything you do will be easier for someone to read quickly.

Bullets are the basic building blocks of everything else you create online.

Here are a few bullet writing tips to improve your conversions:

1. Write TOO many bullets.

Hopefully you don’t write just one headline for your site. The best headlines often won’t come to you until you’ve written a couple of dozen. Then you begin combining them to find just the right mix.

With bullets, you shouldn’t plan on using everyone of these you create either. Instead if you plan to have just 10 bullets on the page, at least write 20 to 40 of them. That way you can pick and choose from the absolute best.

If you only write 10, it’s likely at least half of them will be wimpy and not grab anyone’s attention. These will distract people from the good ones and cost you sales.

But if you write 40, that means you can eliminate 30…while keeping the 10 shinning stars to make the sale.

And just one great bullet can make the sale.

2. Keep them concise, full of benefits, and fascinating.

The whole point here is to make your page quick to read.  Some people write monster headlines with 55 words that miss the point of a headline.  Others write bullets that are 5 lines long.  That’s not a bullet.  It’s a paragraph.

Plus you want to make sure you’re including the key benefit…what it does for the visitor.  Understanding the difference between features and benefits is the subject of another post (or course), but to make it simple…you know you’ve found the benefit once you’ve found how it emotionally affects the person.  It makes them feel good about themselves in some way.

Those hiking books may make them feel safe and secure.  Or they may make them feel adventurous.  The success course lets them feel envied by others.  They feel good because they can provide for their family.  Always look for the emotional end benefit of what you’re offering.

And if you’re selling any type of information, it must be full of curiosity.  People buy information products because they’re curious to know the “secrets.:”  They buy physical products partly because of the drama and intrique you can build into it.

Keep this in mind.  If you reveal too much and destroy the drama, you can miss out on the power involved.

3. Swipe bullet formats and ideas from great selling sales pieces.

This is one of the best places to use swipe/idea files.  Collect great selling pieces both on the internet and off.  Go through their bullets and model them.

You will find bullets that start with “How to…”  That’s a consistent method of starting bullets you can use.  You’ll also find bullets starting out with “Why _____”, “What ______” and “The Truth About _______”

Model these.  You wouldn’t want to copy the rest of the bullet as it wouldn’t fit your offer, but by starting off your bullets with some of their general words you can copy the style of them….and power behind them by focusing them on your audience.

Check out any of my product pages and you’ll see a load of bullets to give you ideas.

Check out this one for example:

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