Seriously, these email secrets come from the most powerful marketer in the world.

No, it’s not me.  If you thought that, thanks for the vote of confidence…but I’m nowhere near the most powerful.

I’m just a pizza delivery driver who learned how to make a fantastic living online 16 years ago.

These secrets come from the President of the United States.

During the election campaign I joined both candidates email lists.

The emails coming from Obama were light years ahead of Romney’s campaign.

They were personal.

They told engaging stories.

They built a community around his message.

And he was sending out up to 3 messages a day encouraging you to donate, vote, and tell your friends.

His email staff had a team of 20 writers producing  emails which they tested head-to-head against each other daily.  The winning of a small test was run out to the full list.

I don’t know any entrepreneurs who have 20 people on their team testing emails for their campaigns.

Let’s analyze a little of what Obama was sending out.

Here are some of his subject lines:

Need Your Input
I will be outspent
So, are you with me?
I hear you
We knew this was coming
Real quick:
High five!
This is dangerous
Go vote
Some bad news
Secret’s out
This email is going around
Get started
Good morning
Terry, I’ll be blunt
We’ll fly you out for FREE
Can you help out in Florida?
Don’t brush this off, seriously
Thank you, from me and Barack

Wowsers.  Notice how personal those email subject lines are?

“Hey” sounds exactly like something you buddy would send you.

All of them are casual in nature.

Don’t be surprised if you see me testing a few of these subject lines in the near future.

If you’re going to copy…copy from someone who has the most on the line.

After the campaign, he still hasn’t stopped emailing me.  Now he is trying to get me to support his position and call senators to persuade them to his side of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations with subject lines like: “Help the President with just one phone call”

What about the from addresses?

While he had a few emails from “Obama for America,” the majority of the time they rotated personal from addresses using: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, and personal names of multiple campaign managers.

As already mentioned the emails were very personal and included stories.  The signatures were as well.  Two examples:

“Thank you,


“Thank you for everything,

What about email length?

They were short.

Many of them were as short as 20 words with the longer ones numbering at 251 on the high side.

The initial email he sent explaining different parts of his site was the longest one in my box at 365 words.

A decent number (maybe 20%) had one photo in the body of the email itself (after the main text).  For example, the “High Five!” email had a photo of someone giving him a high five…while suggesting that giving him a donation today was a virtual high five.

Were they HTML or Plain Text?

They were HTML emails with bolding and live links.  Some images included, but they plain text looks to them and extended all the way across the page (no 65 character cutoffs in them).

Some of the emails had an Obama/Biden logo at the top while others didn’t.

Short sentences and short paragraphs on average.

Overall, he had a friendly tone to the emails.

They were sent from your buddies about how you could change the world together.

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