Christmas shopping is in full swing…so you won’t catch me anywhere near a mall this month.

I can’t stand the crowds.

Luckily the Internet has way more options than needed.

One of the gifts I’ve picked up was a Brighton bracelet for my wife.

Shh.  It’s our little secret.  Don’t tell her.

Brighton has some basic bracelets you can buy that are already put together.

But most people buy them for their individual charms.  You can choose the exact charms based on your interests.  You could add charms for mothers, soccer, Coffee cups, dogs, pandas, and everything in between.

A nursing charm is an obvious fit for my wife for example.

You buy these bracelets primarily because of how they can be customized.

That’s where the world is moving.

Customized products and solutions.

Go to the mall and you can have your children build their own bears.

Subway puts your sandwich together in front of you.

You can have all kinds of weird concoctions are Starbucks.

There’s even a pizza franchise that builds pizzas to order.

You can order custom made protein drinks at

You can have an energy bar custom designed just for you at

Zazzle allows you to create custom t-shirts, posters, art, and more.

While products like iPhones and iPads are mass produced, there are so many options for adding apps…the end product of all the additions you’ve made is likely unique to you.

Customers want something that’s custom designed just for them!
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One-size-fits-all isn’t the best solution today.

How can you tap into this growing trend in your business?

Many of my clients are information product producers.  While that doesn’t lend itself to truly custom products for each customer, there are still ways of getting it done.

Even if you choose a big niche such as weight loss, how can you zero in each of your products on a tiny portion of that list?

You may remember my email last week talking about my failure to create a course for all small business owners.  When I customized it to a specific market such as dentists, it was much more effective.

Remember, you don’t need to reach “everyone” to profit.  Instead you specialize in your market.

Another customized option for the information producer is to work coaching into the mix.

It doesn’t even have to be one-on-one.  In a small group of 10 to 20 people it’s very easy to help clients find custom solutions for their unique problems.

Even if 95% of the information would be the same, your customers still want that 5% custom advice for their situation.

Some online entrepreneurs don’t even want to consider the possibility of mixing in coaching, because they wanted a business without talking to people.

Personally I love providing coaching to a limited number of people.  I will be expanding out my coaching a little more as we come into 2013 with additional group coaching options since my one-on-one coaching always has a waiting list.

Look for it as we enter the new year.

If you’d like to register for my one-on-one coaching waiting list, check it out here:

How could you implement either coaching or sometime of premium custom option in what you offer?

Start thinking about it today…before your competition does.

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