Last week I asked for questions you had about email.

Here’s a doozy a subscriber sent in…

For me, the big question is Email is for me?”

That is the big question, isn’t it?

You wouldn’t want to waste all that effort of growing a list and cranking out emails to them if it wasn’t going to multiply your profits.

Every single one of my clients uses email to improve their sales and profits.

These clients range from high end consultants to authors to ecommerce store owners.  There are even several local business owners such as accountants and restaurant owners.

Email plays an integral part of everything they do online.

It is the linchpin.

It’s the glue that holds everything else together.  That includes all their websites, their ad campaigns, their social media shares, and everything else they’re doing online.

But email isn’t for everyone!

If you’re after the one-shot sale and never want to speak to the customer again, email is not for you.

If you just have one low cost product to sell, email won’t do you a whole lot of good.

Grab your money and run.

But is there even a marketplace where having just a one-time product or service is still profitable?

And if there was, wouldn’t you be much better off at least building a customer list where you could promote affiliate products for additional income on the backend?

Email is your customer glue that keeps subscribers coming back.

The question isn’t whether email is for you or not.

The real question is WHERE email should appear in your funnel.

We often limit our thinking just to offering freebies and grabbing email addresses immediately, but that doesn’t fit every type of business.

If you’re a plumber, people don’t want to join a list to learn 7 secrets to repairing their plumbing. They want to call you NOW to stop the flood.

The email list would come in later when you ask them if they mind you sending over email updates.

In your ecommerce store, you may offer a coupon for the email address.

But a bigger portion of your subscribers are customers who have already purchased from you.

I don’t know the size of Amazon’s email list, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the most profitable email list in existence.

An author may sell their book/ebook first.  Then build a list of customers.

An affiliate is often better served by getting the email address before sending the customer to the merchant (or else they have no way of following up on the customer.

Flip the question around.

It’s not whether email is for you.

Ask yourself where email fits best into your current funnel.

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