I collected comics as a kid.

Spiderman was my favorite.  Awkward, nerdy Peter Parker was an “everyman” just trying to make his way through school, dating, and life.

And no matter what he was up against, he was a smart aleck…making constant wise cracks at his opponents.

Let’s just say, I identified.  Although I never did run into any radioactive spiders!

My thoughts immediately jumped back to good ole Spiderman when Glenn Livingston recently sent me over a testimonial.

In it, his wife Dr. Sharon Livingston is interviewing him and his experiences with me over the years.

He talks about the Conversion Super Powers he has gained.  It now feels like he has X-ray vision to see and fix any of the conversion problems he faces (both for himself and his clients).

You probably know that Glenn and I have done several projects together in the past few years, but what you may not know is he has been a customer of mine for years.

He was a customer of my first internet membership site and he became one of my first one-on-one clients when I started my coaching practice in 2006.

Listen below for how my help has given him internet marketing super powers…

I bring in new coaching clients a couple of times a year.  There will likely be only one upcoming new client intake opportunity in late 2012.

Make sure you’re on the waiting list to be informed of it.  The last time I opened new slots to this waiting list, they sold out in just 15 minutes.


Disclaimer: I personally don’t believe Glenn has real super powers.  He’s just so good at conversion that it seems like it.

And he’s still not quite as cool as childhood hero of Spiderman.

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