Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Overwhelmed with all the activities it takes to launch a successful website?

Overwhelmed with all the changes that take place monthly online?

Overwhelmed with everything on your never-ending to-do list?

If you ever feel overwhelmed and feel like you just can’t keep up with everything you need to do to be profitable online, you are NOT alone.

The truth is EVERYONE feels this at some point.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

You will never keep up with everything going on online.

You can’t.  It’s impossible.

And if you could do everything…you’d quickly burn yourself out.

I’ve been there.   I sold my first internet business back in 2004 was when I lost the enthusiasm for it.  While many activities were automated, I was still trying to be a jack of all trades…and keep up with everything going on.

Whenever I let my focus slide, it happens again.  I start trying to do too much…to manage activities that aren’t even needed.  It wears me out.  And quickly the passion starts draining away.

Once you fall into this position, it’s even harder to get your focus back.  It’s a negative cycle that takes you further and further from your goals.

If you’re just starting out or you don’t have a coach to point out what’s happening, you can continue down this wrong road for years.

Change direction today.

The freedom you’re looking for is rarely found by adding more activities to your work load.

Instead it’s found by focusing on the vital.

Cut the rest.  Try this exercise for a few days.  Everyone makes to-do lists.  This time create a Not-To-Do list.  This may include not checking your email first thing in the morning.   It may include not buying any information products that don’t fit your current activities.  It may mean not reading the news.

Here’s a simple exercise.  What if you had to cut a full day from your work this week?  Or what if you had to work one hour less each day this week?  How would you accomplish this goal and still continue growing your business?

What has to be cut?  What is vital to keep the business running and growing?  And how can you spend more time focused on just these core activities?

What’s absolutely essential to attract your target audience, convert them into customers, and best fulfill the promises made to them?

Make a list of only the required activities to accomplish each of these goals: traffic, conversion, and monetization.

Now separate them into two lists.

  1. Which activities are passionate about, fit your natural talents, and you have expertise in?
  2. Which activities can you currently outsource to others?

As you grow your business, your goal is to find more activities that move to list #2.

We live in a day of specialization.  You focus on what you do best, earning you the most money for your time invested.  You hand off the rest to others.

These could be direct employees, virtual assistants, or full done-for-you services.

What is the highest value and best use of your time currently?

What will it be 3 years from now as your business continues to grow?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.