One of my clients sells a $47 digital product as the first sale to a new customer.

He created a bundle of his other digital products which he offers for 3 payments of $99 as an immediate upsell after the initial purchase.

This is a big jump in price for an upsell. So only around 10% of his customers upgrade immediately.

That’s a LOW percentage, but this still averages out to an extra $29.70 on every $47 order.

That’s an extra 63% from every buyer without counting the rest of the upsell funnel.

He has a downsell of one course for those who decline the upsell. And he has another upsell offer for everyone where they can try out his $29.95/month Club for free for 10 days.

He also has a small bump offer on the order form itself.

All of those increase the initial transaction value even higher.

But let’s focus just on this one upsell.

It doesn’t have a great conversion rate yet. It still has room for improvement and optimization.

This ONE upsell…not even counting the other steps…equals an extra 63%.

This means he can invest an extra 63% for each customer who comes through the door. This helps him scale his ads into more expensive traffic which means more buyers coming into his funnel.

It creates a multiplication effect across the entire business.

Remember, he has additional profits from the bump and other upsells as well.

He also has an onboarding sequence that improves retention and gently leads customers into higher ticket backend offers.

A simple example like this illustrates how important it is to increase the average transaction value by solving additional problems for your customers.

As for what to sell in an upsell, here are a few ideas:

  • The next ‘obvious’ step they will take after the original purchase.
  • Templates, Tools, or other done-for-you components that match the original purchase.
  • Software that automates the process of the original purchase.
  • Consulting/Coaching or some type of personal help to accomplish the goals of original purchase.
  • More of the original purchase…such as multiple bottles of a supplement at a discount price.
  • A bundle of your products and services that helps them accomplish their primary goal.

Creating your sales page for an upsell is pretty simple.

Thank customers for their original purchase. Congratulate them on their decision and reinforce the promises you made for your product.

Transition to how this additional offer combines with what they already purchased to help them achieve their goal quicker, easier, or even more effectively.

Keep it short and simple. If you have a normal sales page for the product, this can be a stripped-down version with the core promise, the primary benefits, guarantee, and call-to-action.

Your shopping cart should make it easy to install upsell sequences, and it should allow you to split test different upsells to optimize the best performer.

My clients use a variety of carts that have these features built-in.

Thrivecart is an easy-to-use cart that is designed to help boost conversions.

It has integrations for many of the most popular software tools, makes it easy to do upsells, has a course delivery module, and the pro version has a built-in affiliate center.

One of the best features is it is currently a one-time purchase for a lifetime account (no monthly fees).

Check out Thrivecart today…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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