The average cart abandonment rate is 69.80% based on Baymard’s review of 44 different studies.

That means close to 7 out of every 10 visitors who add something to their cart don’t complete the transaction.

All that work of attracting a qualified visitor, making an irresistible offer, and writing sales copy goes to waste at the last minute.

How much money are your order forms currently leaving on the table?

Obviously, you can’t save all these orders. If someone is just browsing, there’s not a whole lot you can do about that.

But what if they leave your site because the order form is too long or confusing?

Or they don’t trust your order process?

Or they couldn’t find your guarantee policy?

There are a LOT of things you can do to maximize the number of sales completed. ‘

What if you saved just 1 or 2 out of every 10 orders?

If you dropped your abandonment from 7 out to every 10 orders to 5 out of every 10 orders, that could increase your gross profits by over 66%.

There’s massive leverage here.

Here are some quick and easy ways to improve your cart conversion…

  • Check for errors on both desktop and mobile. Any HTML errors, weird looking symbols, or poor formatting can decrease your credibility.
  • Show your company logo at the top left of your website. Keep your branding consistent across your website and order form.
  • Simplify the order process and form fields required. Don’t force visitors to create an account before ordering.
  • Restate the offer and what they receive along with the price (including any discounts).
  • Add a couple of short, benefit-rich testimonials to the order form.
  • Show your 100% money back guarantee or make your return policy clear.
  • Add trust badges to verify your security.
  • Accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and possibly other options.
  • Test linking to your checkout page with a coupon code already applied to an order (simplifying the process and emphasizing the discount).
  • With higher ticket offers, consider adding your phone number and/or live chat to the order form to boost credibility.
  • Test a countdown timer for offers with a hard deadline. This can be overly aggressive in some markets.
  • Install a retargeting pixel on your order form if you’re running any form of paid advertising.
  • Bundle the cost of shipping into the cost of the product so you can offer fast, free shipping.

Another strategy is using a 2-step order form where you collect the email first and follow-up with abandonment emails if they don’t complete their purchase.

That’s quite a list.

Save or print this email out so you can use it as a reference when you set-up your order forms.

Check your shopping cart to see what customizations they allow.

My clients use a variety of carts, and there are many good ones out there.

Thrivecart is an easy-to-use cart that is designed to help boost conversions.

It has integrations for many of the most popular software tools, makes it easy to do upsells, has a course delivery module, and the pro version has a built-in affiliate center.

One of the best features is it is currently a one-time purchase for a lifetime account (no monthly fees).

Check out Thrivecart today…

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