Don’t fall in love with your products or services.

That can cause you to make all kinds of stupid mistakes!

For example, I’ve seen beginners get so enamored with a product that they keep throwing money at advertising…even when the market isn’t buying.

I’ve seen veterans make similar mistakes as well.

The market is a harsh judge. And it’s not always easy to accept its verdict…especially after you’ve invested a lot of time and money in your offer.

Another common mistake is investing months trying to get a product ‘perfect’.

You need to test a smaller version or a 1.0 version just to see if there is interest first.

You have to be willing to say “NEXT” if the market doesn’t respond to your offer.

But I’ve seen amazing things happen when someone falls in love with their customers.

I’m thinking of a specific client.

He is constantly brainstorming new ways to help his customers get dramatic results.

He improved the onboarding process by creating a 10-day quick start inside the membership area.

He put together a series of emails for new buyers to resell them on the benefits and get them using the content.

He tracks the number of times customers login to the membership area and the videos they watch…and his onboarding has increased these numbers.

He emphasizes the importance of using their included coaching even though that means he has invest more in the coaches.

He runs live 10-days challenges inside the membership to build a sense of community and to encourage even more implementation.

All of this pays off, because he has some amazing testimonials.

And helping his customers achieve results on the frontend increases the number who upgrade to his higher ticket backends.

His onboarding process is an investment in his long-term profits.

This is just one example of falling in love with your clients.

Dr. Glenn Livingston has said that you want to research your audience until it changes you as a person.

What does that mean?

It means you immerse yourself in their conversations.

Listen to their problems and their frustrations.

Pay attention to their stories.

Develop real empathy for them and what they’re suffering with.

This enables you to speak to them in their language.

You understand the pain points…and can highlight them.

You can create irresistible offers that fulfill their needs and wants.

It’s a totally different approach from creating your thang and trying to find someone to sell it to.

That’s why the first step in the Internet Lifestyle System is all about tapping into a red-hot niche market of buyers!

The market drives everything else.

And understanding your market is key to creating a profitable online business.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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