We’re coming to the close of 2016. How many of your goals have you accomplished for this year?

What do you have planned for next year?

I’ve got some big surprises coming up in early 2017. It’s going to be our best year yet.

I’ll be revealing some of these over the next few weeks.

If you’re like most people, you might be creating a list of goals for the New Year.

That’s fine. I have goals. You have goals. We all have some goals.

But I’m going to make a suggestion.

Instead of just creating goals, focus on creating systems.

A goal might be to add 10,000 new subscribers to your list next year.

If we broke that down, that’s 28 new subscribers per day.

Trying to figure out a way to add 10,000 subscribers leaves you hanging. How do you do it? What do you do today to move toward that goal?

If we change the focus to adding 28 new subscribers per day, at least we can start creating a plan to create that system.

The traffic source you choose is up to you. It depends on the buying audience you want to reach, the assets you have available (do you have more time than money), and your own personal skills/interests.

Let’s say you choose Facebook advertising.

You set-up your very first ad campaign at $5 per day.

The cost per subscriber will vary by your market, but let’s say it’s a pretty competitive market and you’re spending $5 per subscriber in the beginning. So you’re only getting 1 subscriber a day.

You test new ads. And you test your landing page. You’re able to get a bump with both of those tests and you get the costs down to $2.50 per subscriber. Now you’re getting 2 subscribers a day.

Obviously you need to get some money back so you offer one of your product immediately after someone joins your list. You set-up an autoresponder sequence to promote that product with both personality and value over the first two weeks. Every email links back to that offer.

You get 5% of your leads buying your $30 product. That’s $1.50 per subscriber in the first few weeks.

You know you can earn more with future emails and when you get a couple of upsells on this offer, so you start raising the budget.

Up it goes to $10, then $15, then $25. You’re getting 10 subscribers a day now.

The budget gets to $50 per day and you’re getting 20 subscribers. You’re not far from your goal.

At the same time, you put those upsells in place and you have another product which you sell to your subscribers in your broadcasts. You have a system in place and you’re making money.

It’s not going to be hard to reach your goal now. You bump the budget up just a little more and you’re at the 28 subscribers a day.

But here’s the exciting part! There is no reason to stop now. Keep expanding the system you built.

I could have used any of your ‘goals’ with the same type of example. Instead of just thinking of them as a ‘big goal’, think about the system you can put in place to reach that goal.

If you want to lose 20 pounds, put a simple daily system in place to do that.

If you want to outsource your customer service, put a system in place (such as templates to respond to the most common requests) now. Hand off one step in your business at a time.

I’m going to be accepting new coaching clients the first week of January.

If you’re interested in building systems that help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life…then now is your opportunity.

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These slots rarely open up more than once or twice per year so now is your chance to start 2017 right.

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.

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