internet cureWhat drives you to create?

My wife and I went to see Rise of Planet of the Apes this weekend.  I’d definitely recommend it.

One element that stood out to me strongly as a marketer is how the Will Rodman, the scientist of the story, is driven to create the cure based off the condition his father is suffering.

As always happens in movies, you know something is going horribly wrong with the cure he is after. 

But it does show what drives him to create.

It’s the human attachment you feel to the character.

He isn’t doing this just for the profits.  He is doing it to make a difference.  And it’s a problem that’s real to him daily because of what his father is going through.

His personal story drives him to find the cure he can share with others. 

What is it that drives you to create in your internet business?

What problems have you solved that you want to share with others?

What pain have your experienced which taps you into the pain others have?

What contribution can you bring to your market that’s beyond just making more money?

When it is all said and done, what is the mission behind your website and company?

My goal with this website and any products offered here is helping entrepreneurs develop long-term profitable companies that add value to the lives of those around them.

That’s why you often see me ignore strategies like auto-blogging which simply copy other people’s work instead of adding value.

It’s why I discuss social media, but don’t recommend spending all your time there (it’s too tough to leverage and expand long-term if it relies on YOU only).

And it’s why I constantly push affiliates to add something extra to the process such as blog content, email follow-up, reviews, etc. instead of just relying on being a traffic funnel (long-term results and your own brand is the goal).

I have a goal and it really is based on my persoanl story.

I came online after doing a bunch of dead end jobs delivering newspapers, selling satellite dishes door-to-door, signing people up for credit cards in front of a department store, and delivering pizzas for Little Caesars.

Those were all dead-end jobs for me.  The last thing I was going to do online was create a dead-end business.

I didn’t want a business that was reliant on “tricking” the search engines, only worked with low cost traffic which eventually dries up, or based 100% on me working all the time. 

It couldn’t be a one trick pony that works when all the moons get in just the right alignment.

It’s about building a long-term income online.

Those tricks don’t last. 

But value you create does last.  Your content can be used to keep bringing visitors to your site.  You can build long-term relationships with your customers.

It’s not about just producing a little extra money this month.  It’s about creating a long-term income, both active and passive.

That’s where I’m coming from because of my background.

How does your background and personal story affect your mission?

What does it cause you to do what you do?

Remember, people are waiting to hear your story and how it relates to them and the benefits they’re seeking after.

I’m always looking for the emotional hook that’s in a client’s background story.  For me it was going from delivering pizzas (my last job) to working online.

For someone else it may be because someone in their family suffered this physical condition.  Or it could be because they suffered through school because of their weight.  Or

What story can you bring up from your background that demonstrates why your mission is so important to you?

And if you’re just getting started, get started with the right audience for your background.

Discover Practical Methods of Choosing the Right Niche Market For You, Your Skills, and Your Goals…

It’s not about just finding a profitable market.  It’s about a market that you personally can connect with.

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