I was recently asked during an interview why beginners have so much trouble getting started online today.

The big issue is with expectations.  Often they’ve been told they can get started and be making money within the next 48 hours.

Those pitches make it sound so easy.

In fact, listen to many gurus and it sounds like every project they create is an immediate home run.

The reality is very few projects are big winners immediately.  That instant success is rare.  What’s much more common are projects that do OK, and then through a process of continual optimization they thrive.

For example, let’s say you’re using paid advertising.  Perhaps when you first run a $200 ad, you only bring $100 back in sales. 

You just lost $100.  Is that a failed project? 

Definitely not.  Especially not if this is the first ad you’ve tested.

You can improve each step in the process and multiply your results. 

As mentioned recently, internet business really comes down to 3 elements:

– Traffic

– Monetize

– Conversion

Your goal is to continually optimize in each of these 3 areas.   You tap into at least one reliable traffic source (preferably more than one over time), you have a way to monetize those visitors (through products, services, selling advertising, etc.), and you convert those visitors into actions on your site. 

Step one: If your $200 ad lost money, you can first work on the advertising creative you’re using.  You increase the number of people clicking through. 

Step Two: You add additional ways to monetize these visitors through an upsell, backend sales, continuity, more ad spaces, etc.  So each visitor is worth more to you than they were previously.

Step Three: You improve the onsite conversion through improving the headline, offers, bullets, photos, call to action. 

Let’s say you’re able to double just 2 of the above numbers.  You’re now making $400 from the $200 ad.   What if you’re able to double the 3rd number?

But of course digging in and optimizing in each of these 3 areas sounds like a lot of work. 

And it is.

But that’s where the profits show up. 

Money is produced when you connect all three of these together and optimize the results. 

The same dynamic occurs even with free advertising.  You find ways to produce twice as many visitors for the same amount of time spent.  You add additional ways to monetize those visitors.  And you improve on your conversion process.

Here’s why the expectations given to beginners are so dangerous.

If you’re waiting for your home run, you’ll miss out on the real profits that come from optimization.

Instead of testing this “losing” ad, most people would jump ship to a new solution.

Then the same thing would happen.  They wouldn’t get the initial results they wanted.  So they’d jump again to a new opportunity.

It’s sad.  I’ve spoken to people who have followed this same path a dozen times or more over several years without gaining any traction.

They’ve never heard how important it was to optimize each step of this 3 part process. 

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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