Nams FeedbackJust got back yesterday from the NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System) conference in Atlanta, GA. 

I choose not to travel much, but this one was definitely worth it as it was a different kind of conference.  They split the conference into 4 different tracks where workshops took place specifically for people who were at that level in their online business. 

I taught Conversion Immersion to the advanced group on the Saturday session, and we had a great time.  

I also had the opportunity to attend several other workshops in this group and Nicole Dean, the mostly sane marketer, stood out to me the most.

Even though her last name is Dean, there is no family relation here by the way. 

Her class was all about building passive assets.

As you probably already know, I sold my first business online back in 2004.  That’s an example of building a sellable asset…value that you’ve built up and can remove yourself from the business.

Your email list becomes an asset.  Membership sites become assets.  Content you create become assets.  Any information products become assets.

What I liked most about Nicole’s presentation was her focus on “mostly passive” income sources.

For example, if you have books being sold on Amazon kindle, they’re doing the work for you.  They’re generating leads.  They’re making sales.  And they’re doing the customer service.

The links in your products will send buying customers over to your site for better than free.  You’re actually getting paid by Amazon for the privilege of generating leads for you.

Even if your income from Amazon is tiny, that’s still income and leads being produced passively for you once it’s running.

The mistake many are making is they’re trying to use private label rights to create products without changing them.  And Amazon of course cracked down on that.  Why would they want a bunch of duplicate products in their store?

This is where Nicole gave an idea I’ll definitely copy. 

She has been taking her audio interviews with other experts, having them transcribed, and using those as 99 cent products for the Kindle.

Brilliant…because now she can also tap into people searching for that expert while producing a large number of products quickly.

And that’s just one of the ideas she shared. 

She uses her past articles and content to setup set-it-and-forget-it email lists that can continue to drive traffic and sales to her products and other people’s affiliate products.

She focuses on fixed term continuity programs where you receive new training each week for a year.  She only has to write the content once – and it continues to produce passive income for her as new members join.

In fact, meeting her at NAMS brought back to me how good her Outsource Weekly site is.  I went through this program of hers as a paid member (I didn’t receive it as a jv partner or gift – I paid just like everyone else). 

It doesn’t show you how to do the work of an internet business. 

Instead it shows you how to get others to do the work for you.

Have someone else setup your website.  Have someone else send traffic to your site.  Have someone else handle your customer support.

Find out more about this full year training system that will have you outsourcing your work to quality workers at an affordable price.

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