It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started or you’ve run an online business for more than a decade.

Never forget this rule.

It’s NOT about you or your product.

It’s about the client.

We used to say everyone was tuned into WIIFM radio, “What’s In It For Me?”

It’s easy to forget this.

For example, you should share your own stories: the mistakes you made, your successes, and even aspects of your daily life.

But even when you’re telling your story…it’s still not about you.

It’s about identification with your client.

They’ve experienced some of the same challenges…maybe not to the same extent you have…but still your story speaks to their situation.

When you tell your origin story, you’re sharing the problems you faced, disqualifying the other solutions you tried, and telling why you can deliver benefits for clients that others simply can’t match.

The origin story builds your credibility while demonstrating what’s different about you and your offer.

It tells the client what’s in it for them.

When you sell a product, your copy shouldn’t be about the ‘product’ itself.

It’s about the benefits your product can provide to the buyer.

In reality, it goes even deeper than this. It’s really about the end emotions your offer can deliver…how your product or service makes the client feel about themselves.

They feel more attractive…confident…freer…or even more altruistic.

Yes, this rule also applies to charities that live off donations.

Smart charities know that sharing big overall stats about the problems they help solve only bring in limited donations.

It’s the stories they tell about individuals they’ve helped…the feeling of making a difference in the lives of others is what they deliver.

Their donors feel better about themselves because of the individuals they helped.

How are you inspiring your audience to do more…be more…and experience more?

How are you making them feel about themselves?

Do you come away from every interaction with you feeling more alive…with a larger vision for themselves and their world?

This even applies to areas of your website you might not normally think about.

For example, traditionally an “About Us” page is about you.

But the same rule applies. It’s not really about you. Yes, you’re going to tell your story and potentially even your hobbies since they might make you more real and relatable to your audience.

Even there, you’re going to connect your story story to the benefits you can provide…what you can do for your clients.

What is it that your clients are looking for…desiring…or even thinking about when no one is looking?

Translate that into words…and you can literally write your own ticket online.

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Terry Dean

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