What’s your story?

Why are you in this business?  Why have you chosen the benefits you deliver?  And why are you passionate about helping the customers in your market?

Bottom line…do you have a story to tell?

One of the most common stories is the hero’s journey – and all the variations of it.

I don’t want to make this too in depth as I want you to simply start thinking about your story and if you’re including the main “required” elements in your story.

I’m a classic nerd who loves the Star Wars movies, Lord of the Rings, and Spiderman.

All of these are hero’s journey stories.

Let’s take little Frodo.  In the beginning of the story, he’s just a hobbit who never travels outside his area.  He’s not looking for an adventure.  It is thrust upon him.  You can call this a reluctant hero.  He never sought the spotlight. He simply had to step up when it was demanded of him.

He met his mentor (Gandalf) and his other friends that helped him along the journey.

He faced obstacles.  He had moments you felt like everything was lost.  And he reached his breakthrough.  He overcome the enemy and become the hero.

Look at the other stories I mentioned above.  They all follow a similar pattern.  They’re called to adventure.  They meet a mentor.  They have to step up and become the hero after facing all their challenges and growing as a person.

It’s a basic story theme.

And it also works in business.  But in business, it’s not about you or how great you are.  It’s about how you discovered the secret, the breakthrough, or the mentor that can help them in their lives.

Perhaps you’ve lost 62 pounds.  Tell us where you came from.  What did you use to weigh.  How did that feel?  What was your life like at the time.  Many times you’ll notice you can also focus on a specific obstacle, a specific low point in your life to talk about.

When I tell people about how I got to where I am now, I’ll often focus on my last job – working at Little Caesar’s delivering pizzas for a living for $8 an hour.  That’s not the only deadend job I had, but it was my last one before the Internet breakthrough.

Other times I talk about when my wife and I used to go through the couch looking for change to go eat at McDonalds.  It’s 100% true and we did it several times.  That’s another low point I can share about my life.

Then I talk about the breakthroughs.  The first one for me was when I heard stories of people succeeding online back in 1996.  My wife told me this is something I could do, and I went out to buy my first PC to start learning this.

I found mentors who were direct marketers off the internet to learn from.

A few months later my next big breakthrough was when I realized that my income was tied to my email list.  As my list grew, so did my income.  And I started focusing on this aspect for the next level in my business.

Eventually after selling other people’s products online, I was asked how I was making money online.  That’s when I created the first product of my own.

For the person above who lost weight, perhaps their low point was a specific instance when they realized just how much they weighed.  Maybe they were mistreated or they tried on a dress they used to wear.

Then the turning point was when they met a friend (their mentor here) who shared a diet plan that started working for them even after everything else had failed. It was their breakthrough.

They overcame their obstacles and lost the weight.  Then others started asking them how they lost all this weight, and they had to share the truth that the diet industry has kept a secret until now.

Those are both basic “hero stories” with a few simple aspects you can use in your own story.

–          You’ve reached some level of “success” others want to learn or apply to their life.

–          It wasn’t always this way.  You were just like them with similar problems and pains.

–          You had a specific low point that illustrates the situation clearly.

–          A mentor (could be a person, product, or secret) came into your life and changed everything.

–          You still faced challenges (objections they may have), but you reached the goal.

–          You’re were called upon to share this – and had to help others in the same situation.

I’ll bet you already have a story like this you’re hiding.

Everyone has a story to tell.  The problem is often people don’t think about their story, they’re too shy to tell it, or they don’t think others are interested.

Share your story.  Identify with your audience.  And most of all, let them know there really is hope and light at the end of the tunnel from whatever they’re experiencing today.

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You have success stories and knowledge you can share with others…that they’re willing to pay for.

Are you ready to become a “hero” to those you can truly help with what you have to share?

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