free interview Terry DeanFree One Hour Interview Reveals Multiple ways to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life:

Paul B. Evans is a 22 year business who started with a fitness center at age twenty and has never looked back since. This week he gave me a call and interviewed me about how you as an internet business owner could Earn More, Work Less ,and Enjoy Life.

We only planned for 25 minutes, but we were on the phone for almost an hour…and you get the entire recording free.

Usually on these you’ll hear me very laid back and calm, but I really got passionate about several of the topics we covered on this one…because from what I know of Paul he seems to be a person after my own heart.

His own slogan is Make More. Give More. Live More. It sure sounds like we have something in common…

Click here to visit his site and listen to the interview…

He delivers the interviews through Blog Talk Radio so there is a short 15 second ad before the interview starts playing.

I’d best describe this as a pool side chat about subjects we love…

We cover items such as:

– Why do some people succeed online while others flounder and fail. Do you really have what it takes to succeed online as an internet entrepreneur?

– Why and how you sell more products and services without resorting to hype, gimmicks, or exagerration…it’s a simple principle to follow.

– Discover the 2 keys to Internet success that 99% of beginners accidently LEAVE out…sabotaging their own results for years to come.

– Who my own personal mentors were to help me get started…

– How I came up with the slogan “Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life…” giving you ideas of how to create your own SIMPLE description of what you do.

– How authenticity, personality, and even my faith have influenced my business and my online success…and what it means to you personally in your business.

– How to overcome failures and problems in your business as we talk specifically about several of my own failures…and how you can avoid them.

Click here to visit his site and listen to the interview…

The only product offered throughout the whole session is that I mention the for a couple of minutes in the end…with one quick mention in the middle when Paul asks a question about one of the bonuses in the Club.

The whole call is focused on delivering the content you need to succeed online…even if it isn’t always “easy” to accept.

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Terry Dean

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