Free traffic is the holy grail of online marketing.

If only you could get enough traffic, that would change everything.

The day would be brighter.  The birds would sing.  And your house would be full of laughter.

Traffic is what makes the world-go-round.

Only there’s a problem.

Common free traffic methods require a heavy investment in content creation and require constant work for a never-ending “fresh content” machine.

In the end, you may attract more lookie-loos and content addicts looking for their next fix instead of real buyers.

What if there was a traffic loophole?

And what if this loophole tapped into a flood of hungry buyers?

It could be almost like a vending machine where you push a few buttons…and traffic comes out.

It’s not quite that easy, but there is a traffic loophole to tap into as many high quality buyers as you can handle.

The traffic loophole exists.

It’s called strategic alliances or more commonly joint ventures.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Last year I did a whole slew of solo ads to test which lists produced the most subscribers and income.

It was a raging success.

At the same time, I also participated in a joint venture involving an Amazon best selling book.

That joint venture was simple for me since as I was just one of dozens of email publishers who participated.  I agreed to email about the book after reading it (it was an excellent book with a lot of great tips).

I also provided a free gift that buyers would receive after sending them their receipt. The condition was customers had to join my list to receive the gift.

I received hundreds of brand new subscribers and sales from that campaign for just a few minutes of my time.

Even better…these subscribers were BUYERS.  They purchased a book before they joined my list.

While the solo ads were more profitable once you combined them all together, this one easy joint venture produced more qualified leads and buyers than any individual ad did on its own.

What are you doing TODAY to tap into hungry lists of buyers in your market?

The April issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about these type of joint ventures.

Discover how to find the best opportunities, contact them, and turn them into ongoing rivers of income.

It comes out Monday, April 1st.

Don’t miss it…or you’ll miss out on the free traffic loophole.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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