I delete dozens of incoming joint venture emails every single week.

Very few get through my first filter.  The rest don’t even make it past the five second delete button.

Joint ventures are the quickest path for getting your offer in front of thousands of potential buyers.

You could call joint ventures the free traffic loophole.

Real estate investors always talk about using someone else’s money.

Joint ventures allow you to use someone else’s list which they’ve invested years and tens of thousands of dollars to grow.

And that’s only one type of joint venture.  You can create products, come up with new content, and more all through partners.

Use other people’s money, lists, knowledge, and contacts to grow your income online.

But there’s a monstrous roadblock in your way.

How in the world do you get busy partners to respond to you?

The people you want to partner with are getting dozens or even hundreds of offers every week.

It all comes back to marketing.

Contacting a jv partner is not that different from contacting a potential customer in a crowded marketplace.

What happens when you set up another me-too business?

That’s right.  Nothing.

If your offer doesn’t stand out from everyone else, you’ll simply be ignored.

Why would joint ventures be any different?

How do you grab attention and get a response?

You make a unique promise.

Then back that promise up with proof.

This unique promise is about both your product and your jv offer.

How is your product or your offer unique from everyone else in your market?

What are you willing to do that no one else is doing?

Just promising them “money” isn’t going to do it.  They can earn money from anything they send.

Some jv requests actually make me laugh out loud before deleting them.

Those are the ones who offer 20% commissions on their offer and tell me how this will be worth tens of thousands to me.

That’s a waste of electrons!

They want to know what you can do for them…that others cannot.

Then you have to back up whatever statements you make with proof.

Your product is unique?  Prove it.

You provide outrageous good content or commissions?  Prove it.

If you can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist.

Of course there’s an even easier way to getting joint ventures than this, but I’m not going to cover that here.

You’ll find out more about this on page 16 and 17 in April’s issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s being sent out Monday, April 1st.

Plus, you’ll get all the bonuses reserved for you just for giving it a try.

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