A client and I were discussing their new found freedom recently.

Because of changes they made in their business they were able to take an almost month-long vacation.

Their profits continued to grow while they were away.

And when the returned, they had renewed enthusiasm to dive into the business and make even more improvements, growing in another direction.

When you travel down the road of freedom, it multiplies itself.

Here’s what I’ve found from working with online entrepreneurs for over two decades.

The majority of us love to create.

It energizes us to build something new.

It could be a new course, funnel, coaching program, ecommerce website, blog, podcast, Youtube channel, etc.

We’re creators.

That’s one of the reasons why so many of us feel like a square peg being stuffed into a round hole in the corporate world.

It’s the day-to-day routines that wear you out.

And sadly, that’s where so many online marketers find themselves stuck.

They get past the beginning stage.

They have a website.

Traffic is coming to it.

They’re making sales of their own products and services or as an affiliate.

Money is coming in, but they may or may not be ‘net profitable’ yet.

But it can feel like they created just another job for themselves.

If they don’t show up and run the business every day…it starts falling apart.

They’re trapped.

The solution is to eliminate, automate, and delegate.

Take an inventory of everything you do in your business right now.

What is single most effective thing you’re doing in each of the vital areas:

  • Attracting High Quality Buyers to your website and your list
  • Communicating and connecting them with your message consistently.
  • Putting together offers customers want to buy.
  • Delivering on your promises to them.

Usually, you’ll find wasted effort in all of these.

The majority of your buyers are coming from one or two sources of traffic. Focus your attention there.

There is one way you love to communicate. Make that the center of your strategy and other messaging methods flow out of it (for example if you love doing videos, you could have them transcribed and edited for other forms of content).

Which offers are most profitable for you? What if you eliminated some of the others and combined them into the top performers?

Create an onboarding routine that delivers value to your customers and clients.

From here, move to automation. How can software and systems create more consistent results in all of these areas?

Delegate the day-to-day to others. Your goal should be freedom, not creating another job for yourself.

This could mean vacations or more often it means reinvesting your time into growing your business and streamlining your systems any more.

That’s why I said freedom multiplies itself.

One-off activities could be handled by someone at Fiverr or Upwork.

But you’ll also want to bring in people who do the day-to-day work. That’s where a virtual assistant can come into play.

You might look for one locally or go lower cost (and often less hassles) by recruiting overseas.

Instead of going through an intermediary who marks up the cost of the work, you can hire part-time and full-time team members directly for jobs like customer service, content creation, affiliate recruitment, software development, WordPress management, etc.

One of the longest running job boards to recruit Philippine workers is Online Jobs with over 1,000,000 resumes.

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