We had an important holiday at my house on September 29th.

Thor turned 2 years old.

His official title is Office Entertainment Director.

He’s up and excited every morning when I go to my home office.

Most of the time he plops down near my feet so I have to be careful about moving the chair.

He hangs out there until breakfast and 1st play time.

He takes his entertainment responsibilities very seriously, especially making sure I play ball multiple times a day in the backyard.

He hangs out with me when I workout in my garage gym. He ‘coaches’ me to go for a daily walk.

During the day he hangs out closer to the front door but does come to check on me at times. Not too long ago he sat down beside me while I was on a video call with a client.

By now you may be wondering what this has to do with online marketing or even my home office.

It’s about your lifestyle.

I primarily make my money sitting at home in my office talking to myself…which is kind of a fun way to describe what I do when anyone asks me about it.

And when I feel very outgoing…I speak to clients over Skype or Zoom.

Online business is about freedom…doing what you want…with whom you want…from where you want.

Thor keeps me laughing. Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing him sleep in a strange upside down position or with his head hanging off his bed sideways. How in the world is that comfortable?

Or it could be his enthusiastic reaction to a new toy, the vacuum, or the TV (seriously he sits there and watches TV).

One of the secrets to long-term success is having FUN.

My clients could tell you how we often laugh or joke around during calls.

One of my favorite exercises for coming up with headlines is the Paradoxical Solution Game where you come up with horrible headlines first…and turn them around into good headlines.

Some pretty crazy ideas come up each time! Fun jumpstarts your creativity.

Whether you’re creating a new product, shooting a video, or editing an ad campaign, find a way to make it fun.

Gamify it for yourself.

That’s the first rule of writing emails as well. Have fun. If you’re not having fun, no one else is either.

That doesn’t mean everyone will connect with you. They won’t. But you will attract your audience…the ones who resonate with you.

Be bold. Be yourself. Whoever that may be.

Sometimes people try to copy someone else’s style, but that always comes off a fake.

And it only happens because you’re too nervous to be yourself.

My step-by-step Autoresponder Alchemy course gives you 80 of my emails you can model…with each one reverse engineered to show you EXACTLY why I did what I did.

And those 80 emails can be used as training wheels to help you get started and moving…

But more than that, they’ll launch you into creating your own…finding your own style and personality…and having fun with what you do.


This same system will help you create any kind of content, not just emails. Use it for videos, podcasts, social posts, or anything else.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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