I sucked at direct sales.


Before I came online I bounced from one network marketing company to another. They all claimed there was no personal selling required.

They lied. Money was only made when something was sold.

One of my shortest jobs…in a string of dead-end jobs…was selling satellite dishes door-to-door.

I lasted a total of 2 weeks in that job.

My total number of sales was a big fat ZERO.

As you can expect, they let me go…since that meant they had to pay me minimum wage out of their own pocket.

And while I’ve spoken at multiple live events, and had decent sales at those, I’ve never enjoyed doing sales at those either.

Screw direct and personal selling.

That’s not me.

But I’ve made millions online…while hiding in my office.

My system is pretty simple.

Run ads. Or give away content.

Get people on my email list.

Send emails with a mix of value and personality.

Link to pages that offer my products and services for sale.


I don’t even get on the phone to sell my private one-on-one coaching.

There’s a sales page for that. If someone asks about it, I send them to the page.

They join the waiting list and have an opportunity to purchase when spaces are next available.

Calls with clients are all scheduled using appointment software, and I don’t do any ‘selling’ to clients. We just dig into their businesses and their funnels to help them maximize their profits and their time off.

Many of my clients use a very similar system.

They advertise. Get people on a list. Send them emails that link over to offers.

Money is made.

Of course, if they’re more extroverted, we might add a few components with more personal connections…such as lives webinars, phone calls to close high ticket clients, or promoting through affiliates.

But the basic portion of the system works for both extroverts and extreme introverts like me.

The linchpin is email.

You can’t send emails like everyone else in your market.

You can’t just promote one product after another.

You have to follow a system proven to build relationships with your subscribers…not 1 person at a time…but with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people at a time.

This system ties everything else together. It leverages your traffic, and makes every visitor, subscriber, and buyer worth infinitely more to you.

It is the great equalizer that allows even kitchen table entrepreneurs to compete with large competitors with much deeper pockets.

Are your emails multiplying the value of everything else you do online?

Do you have even the slightest doubt you could be doing better…

If so, check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

It details the system that has helped my clients and I earn millions online for the past two decades.

You’ll get 80 of my proven templates you can model and use as training wheels.

And in just a few sessions in the course you can get the system down and consistently earn more from every email you send out.


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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