Gary Halbert was a marketing genius.

He was one of my early mentors back when I first started in 1996.  I devoured his newsletters, courses, and anything else I could get my hands on.

Here’s one lesson that stuck with me through the years.

It was about the loving practices of porcupines.

A porcupine may only be in heat for only 8 to 12 hours in an entire year.

During that period they will mate like crazy.  The male porcupines go bonkers, get in fights, and literally do anything to take advantage of one short window of opportunity.

Your buyers are like porcupines in heat.

They may go through a period where they don’t buy anything.

Maybe the problem doesn’t seem like a big enough issue yet.

There isn’t enough urgency yet.

They’re chewing over whether it’s worth the decision and the expense.

Maybe they’re checking out all their options.

Then it happens.

The problem becomes a mountain that consumes every waking moment.

They become the porcupine in heat.

They buy.

But it doesn’t stop there.

They’re hooked.

They buy everything they can get their hands on.

They buy the upsells.  They buy the backend offer that rides along in the package delivery.  They buy from multiple companies at once.

I remember when I took up golf.

I bought half a dozen books in one week.

I bought a new set of clubs.

I even bought a year long membership to the local golf club.

Eventually I discovered it wasn’t the game for me, but all my purchases took less than a month.  Maybe I would have fell in love with the game if I bought a bunch of lessons also.

Doesn’t matter.  I’m not in heat anymore and don’t care.

When I started online, the porcupine experience happened again.  I bought books, courses, software, websites, etc. , all while I was in heat.  I even bought my first PC for $2,500!

Those purchases changed my life!

That’s why it’s a HUGE HONKING MISTAKE to only send one email a week after someone subscribes.

That’s why it’s foolish to send the same email broadcasts to people whether they joined your list two years ago or just yesterday.

You have a short window of opportunity when someone joins your list or buys from you.

Your autoresponder sequence MUST have the right emails in just the right sequence starting out…or you miss the porcupine in heat effect.

If you miss it, it may take another whole year to warm them up again.

Or you may have even missed out forever…when they made their purchases from the competition instead.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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