Here was the challenge I was recently presented with.  It’s a tough one.

If you could only work an hour every day and needed to continue to make the most money possible, what would your schedule look like?”

As I said, that’s not easy.

While I normally take off several days a week right now, I’m going to assume I’m allowed 7 one hour days for the challenge.

First of all, I get to cheat a little.

The absolute essential for bringing in the most money possible is email.  It has the highest return-on-investment.

Since I’ve written emails for over a decade, I’d spend the first 7 hours going through all my old emails and collecting them together in a long set-and-forget autoresponder sequence.

That’s priority #1.  If you have a list and you’ve been sending any type of regular emails, you can also take advantage of this.  Have you been going back through your mailings and reloading your successful emails as autoresponders?

Once the autoresponder sequence is together, I can invest the rest of my time in driving traffic to my list.  With limited time, I’d stick to paid advertising.

This would vary by the market you’re in, but for me right now this likely means Facebook ads and Pay-Per-View ads.  Six hours would go to setting up, optimizing, and tracking the ads.

You probably remember my #1 Freedom Formula from a few weeks ago.

Step 1: Target buying traffic.

Step 2: Get them on a list.

Step 3: Send offers.

The autoresponder takes care of the offers.  Step 1 and 2 would be tapping into paid advertising and getting them on a list.  The ads would be going directly to my squeeze page where visitors enter their email address to join the list.

Everything else such as customer support and anything technical would be outsourced.  Even new products would have to be 100% outsourced.   The final hour would be on checking on all the outsourced tasks.

Very simple system for a limited time frame.

You may not have the advantage of all those emails to load on autoresponder.

In that situation, I’d invest almost half my time or 3 hours a week in creating emails.

The next 3 hours would be spent optimizing and tracking just ONE paid traffic source.  No way there’s enough time to work with more than one on that limited schedule.

The final hour still goes to checking on the outsourced activities.

This was an excellent question, because it forces you to really think about the 80/20 in your business.

What is the 20% that produces 80% of the results for you?

If your time was cut to one hour a day, what would you do…and how would you do it?

Notice how there is basically zero time in this schedule to visit forums, check social media, or anything else that consumes our time?

I do have a couple of clients who work less than 10 hours a week on their business now.

They didn’t work that little in the beginning, and they certainly didn’t while they were creating the systems to cut their hours.

Each of them brought in one or more great full-time team members to manage the business.  Those key people then outsource the other activities: email writing, service delivery, traffic generation, and everything else.

If that’s your goal…the 4 hour work week as Tim Ferris calls it… a lot of your time now will be invested in creating the systems that run your business and finding those team leaders to help you run it.

But here’s the reality I’ve seen from working with them.

One hour a day wouldn’t be enough time to get those systems in place.  Having your time cut immediately means you simply do the 80/20.  You do the essential.  Everything else gets eliminated.

If you don’t have an email system in place that supplies you with financial and time freedom, check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to train your subconscious to send order producing emails.

Focus on the essential.  Multiply your return-on-investment.

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